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When can I be on campus?

Remember that we’re not back to normal yet. Many people need to use campus. To help make campus safe and to enable a return to on-campus education without causing further spread of infection, you are for now advised to avoid visiting campus when not necessary.

What does this mean?

Stay at home as often as you can to ensure distances can be maintained and to avoid crowding. And if you visit campus, remember to keep your distance! This applies to everyone, regardless of vaccination and antibodies.

The list below is meant as a guide. You may need to visit our campuses for other errands not listed. But make sure your visits to campus do not contribute to crowding. If everyone takes their responsibility, we will all be better off.

On campus you can

- participate in teacher directed learning

- use library resources

- use workshops and labs

- pick up your Umu card

- get vaccinated against COVID-19

Meet online when you

- have group work

- study together with others

Stay at home when you

- read course literature

- study by yourself

- write a paper

- have symptoms of disease

Take care of yourself outside your studies too

Consider how you can hang out with others in a safe way in your spare time. Limit your social circle to a few and the same people. During this pandemic, local contact tracers have seen that the spread of infection among university students has almost entirely taken place at parties, social gatherings and events. So, please be careful and protect yourself and others.