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IT support

As a student at the Department of Informatics, you will be working on computers in our computer labs. This means that you will be provided with a user account and local storage space on the institution's system. It also means that we offer support for the computer systems at the department.

All students at Umeå Universitet have a central computer account. That user account is also referred to as your "UMU-identity".

The username of that account is also the first part of an email-address that ends with @student.umu.se. You should have received information about this UMU-identity at the same time as your application was granted. If you have questions concerning UMU-id, please contact Service Desk.

You can use your UMU-identity to e.g. log in at the Student Portal where you, among other things, can print out a copy of your study merits.

Access card

You need an access card - Umu card - in order to get to the computer rooms. The card will automatically give you access to the computer rooms when registered to the course. Otherwise, contact the student service desk.

Students have access to the computer rooms during semesters and a short time in connection to the start and finish of each semester. Other times of year, the rooms are closed.

Local IT Support 

For support regarding services provided by the department, please send an email to: support@informatik.umu.se

Latest update: 2023-05-12