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Getting your degree

One goal of your academic studies might be to graduate and receive a degree. A degree is evidence of that you have studied a subject to a particular level of knowledge or that you have completed a specific study programme. You initiate the application for a degree when you have completed your academic studies; in other words, the degree certificate is not automatically sent out.

The web service for applying for a degree is closed and will open again 14 December.

Umeå University is currently replacing the educational administration system Ladok. This means that the web service for applying for a degree is closed.

You who are studying the final course for your degree during the autumn term 2018 can apply when the course is completed and the grade is reported in Ladok. Normally, this means that you shall submit your application for a degree at the earliest in January 2019.

From 14 December you will find the Ladok information on the student website, including the degree application service. You will find it on this page.

A degree certificate is a valuable document for the future, if you want to continue your academic studies, start as a graduate research student, or when applying for a job. For instance, many employers require a degree certificate when you apply for a job. It can also be used in salary criteria, so it can be highly beneficial to apply for your degree.

Three types of degrees

There are three types of degrees in the Swedish higher education system: general degrees, degrees in the fine, applied and performing arts, and professional degrees.

The general degree and the degree in the fine, applied and performing arts contains a main field of study, which shows what profile your degree has. Such degrees can be achieved by studying in a study programme or freestanding courses. A professional  degree has a clear connection to a particular profession, such as a teacher, architect or doctor. That type of degree is awarded only when you study that specific study programme.

National and local requirements

The rules that are applicable to all universities and other institutions of higher education in Sweden are contained in the Swedish Higher Education Ordinance (SFS 1993: 100).

In addition to the Swedish Higher Education Ordinance, each university and other institution of higher education has the right to adopt more detailed requirements for awarding degrees. At Umeå University, the requirements are stated in the local degree ordinance and local qualification descriptor for each respective degree. It is in the local qualification descriptor/description of degrees that you will find what you must have studied in order to obtain a particular degree.

Read more about the degree requirements.

You must apply for your degree yourself

When you complete your academic studies, you apply for the degree to obtain a degree certificate. When we have received your application, your studies will undergo quality control. Please note that you apply for the degree at the university or other educational institution of higher education where you completed the final course.

Find out more about how to apply for a degree.



  • I lost my degree certificate; can I get a new original copy?

    The degree certificate is an original document issued only once, and therefore you can not get a new original. If the degree certificate has been lost, your degree can be confirmed by an official transcript of records (studieintyg) or a verified copy from Umeå University.

    Your degree and courses will be shown in the official transcript of records, which you can create yourself in Portalen under the tab "My studies/Mina studier".

    If you need an official transcript of records or a copy of your degree certificate, please contact Infocenter. You may obtain one copy of your degree certificate, free of charge. Specify the degree in question, your name and Swedish civic registration number (if you don´t have one, please notify your date of birth instead) and the address to which you want the copy sent to. A verified copy will be sent to you within a week.

  • How should I apply for a copy of my degree certificate?

    If you need a copy of your degree certificate, please contact Infocenter. Specify the degree in question, your name and Swedish civic registration number (if not possible, please notify your date of birth instead) and the address to which you want the copy sent to. A verified copy will be sent to you within a week.

    You can contact Infocenter by using the contact form on this page to send a message, or by calling 090-786 50 00.

  • How should I apply for a course certificate?

    Course certificates are issued by the department where you have studied your course. You can only get course certificates for completed courses. Contact the department if you want a course certificate.

    Find a department

  • I need an official transcript of records, what should I do?

    In Portalen, under the tab "My studies/Mina studier", you can create your own official transcript of records (studieintyg). You may also contact Infocenter.

  • How can I get my degree certificate legalised?

    A legalisation is a stamp that certifies that the signature on a document is genuine. If you need to legalise Swedish documents requested by or to be presented to a foreign authority you can contact a notary public (designated in Sweden by the County Administrative Board Länsstyrelsen) or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Government Offices of Sweden (Utrikesdepartementet/Regeringskansliet). For information, written in Swedish, about the legalisation of documents please read on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

  • Do I automatically receive a Degree Certificate when I have completed my studies?

    No. You need to apply to obtain your degree certificate. Your degree application will undergo quality control and if the application is accepted, the degree will be issued. The degree certificate will be mailed to the home address that you have indicated on the application.

    By signing in to Portalen with your Umu-id, you can apply for a Bachelor´s or Master´s degree. In Portalen, you will find the degree application service on the tab Mina studier (My studies) and in the menu under Apply for a degree.

    If, for technical or other reasons, you are unable to apply for your degree in Portalen, you may use a paper application form instead. Contact Infocenter if you want a paper application form sent to you by regular mail.

    To apply for a degree of licentiate or doctor, you need to use a special application form. You can either download the application form from this page, or order one from Infocenter.


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