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Essays and degree projects

Learn more about assessment criteria and copyright issues for essays, dissertations, theses and degree projects, find student templates and search for previously published student theses in the online directory.

Assessment criteria

Please note that Philosophy have their own subject specifik assessment criteria which replaces these general criteria below. See more under heading "Subject specific essay information" further down.

Assessment criteria for written assignments

Criteria for assessment of ability for oral presentation - Bachelor's level.docx (14 kB)

Student templates and essay data

Download official student templates for essays, presentations and degree projects

Form for essay data (Diva-form)

Processing of personal data in a student project

If you process personal data in the work on your essay, it is important that you do it in the right way so that unauthorized persons do not gain access to this data. It is particularly important if you collect sensitive personal data relating to race and ethnic origin, religious or political opinion, health and sexuality, etc.

Here you can read more about what applies to the processing of personal data in student project

Image copyright issues in student work

Note that you need to observe copyright issues for all images and photos presented in your essay before it is published online (in the University publications database, DiVA, for example). For all questions concerning copyright, please contact the University Academic Resource Centre.

Subject specific essay information 

For students writing an essay in philosophy

Essay assessment criteria for Philosophy.docx (24 kB)

See also the philosophy subject's own pages on philosophical writing at https://filosofiskt-skrivande-umu.weebly.com/

For students writning an essay in history

Instructions on how to write an essay in history
(only in Swedish, please contact your teacher if you need instructions in English)

Get advice and support in the writing process at the University Library

At the University Library, you can get advice and support throughout the searching and writing process. Visit their drop-in, book a tutoring appointment or immerse yourself on your own in their guides on information search, reference management, academic writing, copyright and study techniques.
Read more on the University Library's website

Dissertation and thesis directories

Starting 2015 all degree projects and Bachelor's and Master's dissertations are published in the university database DiVA. Some earlier student publications can also be found in that database. In DiVA you can search for student theses and filter your search based on parameters such as subject, publication year and educational programme.
Search for student theses in DiVA

Bachelor's and Master's dissertations and degree projects published 2014 or earlier can be found in our thesis directories. Please note that all headings in the directory are in Swedish. The actual full-text theses are not available online but can be ordered from our study administrators, studieadmin.idesam@umu.se. The administrative cost for this is approximately 50 SEK per thesis, not including costs for postage.

Bachelor's and Master's dissertations and degree projects within History and Archaeology published between 2007-2013 can not be found in any of these directories. If you are interested in these publications please order a list of theses from our study administrators, studieadmin.idesam@umu.se.

Latest update: 2023-08-31