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Information about our exams and links to exam schedules

Exam registration

Registration for the exam is done via the student web, You can read more here.

You must always register for an exam. To be able to sign up for an exam you must be registered or re-registered on the course, and you have to sign up during the period when signing up is open.

Exam registrations can be made with effect from:
Ordinary exam: when the course period starts
Re-exams: three weeks before the exam date
August exams: 1st July

NOTE! Registration for the exam shall normally be done no later than 10 days before the respective exam date. If you cannot find it in the student web, contact Sandra Bern

Exams for students with disabilities

Students with special needs due to disability may have right to support, for example extended time on exams, special aids, or exams in an individual room. To get this, you must first contact the Student Services Office to get the certificate, which is then sent to the department's contact person for students with special support Sandra Bern. The student is responsible for notifying Sandra no later than 10 days before the exam.