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This article describes the procedure for installing Matlab on your private computer under the Matlab Campus License at Umeå University

  1. Create an account on the Mathworks homepage (This will only work with your student email account)
  2. In the creation process you will be asked to choose how you will use the software, choose 'Student Use'.
  3. Log in to your mathworks account and choose 'my account'
  4. Under 'Account services' choose 'Asscociate a license'
  5. Choose License number and use License number:
    1. 904391 (Pre July 2016)
    2. 873912 (After June 2016)
  6. Enter the activation key:
    1. 16315-77469-55643-95095-98400 (Pre July 2016)
    2. 17012-57809-58605-43730-43770 (After June 2016)
  7. When this is finished you will have the option to 'Download products' under license details.
  8. Upon activation of matlab after installation, choose 'activate using internet' and then use your mathworks account.