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E-examination on campus with Inspera

Inspera Assessment is Umeå university’s service for carrying out e-examinations on campus. This page contains information about the preparations you need to make before taking an e-exam.

The teacher creates exam questions in Inspera together with digital resources, for example websites, audio files or PDF files. As a student you will answer the questions using a computer with a secure web browser on the examination day. The assessment can contain both self-correcting and manually assessed answers as well as written or verbal feedback on your exam.

How does an e-examination on campus work?

An e-exam in Inspera is written on either your own or a pre-booked computer. You log in to Inspera using your Umu-id and open the e-examination. A secure web browser will lock the computer and only show the examination. You answer the questions and after you have submitted your e-exam the secure web browser will unlock. Once your exam is assessed the result, grade and any feedback will be published in Inspera.

Sign up for an e-examination on campus

You always need to sign up if you intend to attend a written or e-examination. To be able to sign up for an exam you must be registered on the course, and you have to sign up during the period when signing up is possible. You can also cancel your examination during the signing up period. You need to sign up at least ten work days before the exam, or according to department instructions, to attend an e-examination. Sign up via the Student web where you will receive a notification about the last day to sign up.

Read more about signing up to an exam via the Student web

Preparations for an e-exam using your own computer

To go through with an e-examination on campus with your own computer you need to make sure that the wireless network Eduroam is configured on the computer. You also need to install the secure web browser Safe Exam Browser. To make sure that your computer is working before the exam you can take a demo exam.

Guide: Take a demo exam

Manual to configure Eduroam

Eduroam for Windows 10
Eduroam for Mac OS

Install Safe Exam Browser

Safe Exam Browser for Windows
Safe Exam Browser for Mac OS

Pre-book a computer

If you haven’t got a computer or if your computer didn’t work when you took the demo exam in Inspera you have the option to pre-book a computer. Contact your course coordinator or course administrator to book a computer.

Checklist before an e-examination on campus

It is important to be well prepared before an e-exam och below are preparations you need to make and things you need to bring to the exam.

E-examination on your own computer

  • Your computer and computer charger
  • Eduroam configured
  • Safe Exam Browser installed
  • Login details for your Umu-id
  • A valid photo ID
  • Approved aids

E-examination on a pre-booked computer

  • Book a computer
  • Login details for your Umu-id
  • A valid photo ID
  • Approved aids

Settings during an exam

A digital exam in Inspera is conducted in a secure browser. At the time of the exam, a number of settings are available to you as a student.

Settings during an exam

Take part of the assessed exam

Once the e-exam is assessed and the result is published it will be available to you in Inspera. Log in to Inspera using your Umu-id and view your result by opening the exam that you find under “Archive”.

Guide: View an assessed exam in Inspera


Contact Servicedesk (the IT support) for any technical problems or questions you have around using Inspera before the exam. If technical problems should arise during the exam the proctor from the Exam Service Offices will help you.

IT support

Latest update: 2022-02-01