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Instead of the student portal (Portalen)

Are you used to signing in to the Portal, and are now wondering where to find these services and information on the new student website? Umeå University are replacing the Ladok study documentation system during fall 2018. The student portal (Portalen) will be removed in the process.

From 14 December 2018, you will find the Ladok information previously available in Portalen directly on the student website after you have signed in using your Umu-id. The information below helps you find your way.

From the My studies tab ("Mina studier")

Upcoming and ongoing courses

On the startpage of the student website, you will find information about your upcoming and ongoing courses.

  • Upcoming courses are those you are admitted to, but have not yet registered for.
  • Ongoing courses are those for which you have been registered for the current term.

On the student website, both upcoming and ongoing courses will be listed under the heading "Active courses". Next to the course name is a coloured text that tells you if you have been admitted, registered or re-registered on the course.

Decline if you do not intend to take the course

As soon as you have been finally admitted to a course at Umeå University, you will see it on the start page of the student website. Next to the course name, you will find a coloured text that says "Admitted".

Please remember that you may have to reply to your first Notification of selection results in order to keep the place you've been offered, or to be placed on the reserve/waiting list for the second selection round. To find out more and to reply, go to

If you already know that you do not intend to take the course, you should decline. By declining, you give up your place on the course, and also make the place available for students on the waiting list. If you change your mind later, you must re-apply to the course and are not guaranteed a place. You will find the "Decline" button next to the course name.

Completed and not completed courses

Find your completed courses and courses that you have not yet completed on My page.


Film: Completed and not completed courses on My page
Completed and not completed courses on My page

This film shows how to find your completed and not completed courses.

Course registration

In order to participate, you must register for a course you have been admitted to. Registration is only open for a certain period of time. If the department responsible for the course has chosen to use web registration, you will receive a notification at the top of the student website. There, you will also see the last date when you can register for the current course.

Next to the course name there is a button, "Register". Click it, and follow the instructions to complete your registration. If the department does not use web registration for the course, you will get information about what to do to register when you click the button.

If you do not register on time, you will lose your place on the course. If you click the "Register" button in such cases, you will receive a message that the registration has closed. If so, you can contact the department and ask if there are places left, but please be aware that you are no longer guaranteed a place.

Find out more about registration

Film: Registration

This film shows how you register for courses you have been admitted to.

Signing up (registration) for examination

You always need to sign up no later than ten working days prior to the specific exam, if you intend to attend a written examination. If the department has chosen to have the exam registration on the student website, you will receive a notification at the top of the page stating by which date you must have signed up. Otherwise, you will receive information from your department about how to sign up for an examination.

Next to the course name under the heading "Notifications", the "Sign up" button appears when the sign-up period is open. You can also sign up by scrolling to the list of active courses further down the page. If so, click the arrow next to the course name so that the course information is displayed, and then click the "Sign up" button.

If you have signed up for an exam that you later realise that you will not participate in, it is helpful if you withdraw. The "Withdraw" button appears next to the course name after you have signed up and until the exam date has passed.

Find out more about examinations

Film: Sign up for examination
Sign up for examination

This film shows how to sign up, or withdraw, from an examination.

Interruption of course (non-completion of studies)

If something happens during the course that makes you decide not to continue studying it, you need to interrupt your studies. By interrupting, you give up your place. If you wish to resume your studies on the course at a later time, you are not guaranteed a place.

Click the arrow next to the course name, and you will find the link "Interrupt course" below the course information. In the next step you can either make the interruption yourself, or get information that you should contact the department responsible for the course to announce that you will interrupt your studies on the course.

Please note that if you need a study break and wish to resume your studies at a later time, you can apply for an approved leave from studies instead of interrupting your studies.

Find out more about interruptions (non-completion of studies) and forms to report such, and also about approved leave from studies.

If you want to interrupt your programme studies, you should do so by using the form that is also available via the link above. 

Film: To interrupt your studies
To interrupt your studies

Here is a film about how to interrupt your studies on a course.

Certificate (transcript of records)

If you want to get an overview of all your studies at Umeå University or to be able to verify what education you have when applying for a job, you can get a Ladok certificate yourself.

Here you will arrive at the place where you can get a certificate (transcript of records). Log in with your Umu-id and then go to the "Certificate" tab. You can switch language at the top of the page.

You can also find the link on My page.

Apply for a degree

When you have completed your studies, you can apply for a degree. A degree shows that you have studied a subject to a certain level or that you have a specific education. You apply for the degree yourself when you have completed your studies.

Apply for your degree

From the My Profile tab ("Min profil")

Contact information

Your address where you are registered in the Swedish Population Register is imported to Ladok from the Swedish Tax Agency every week. To change that address, turn to the Swedish Tax Agency. The information related to your studies that you can change via the link below are:

  • Postal address, if you live on an address other than where you are registered
  • Phone number
  • Email address for communications with the University about your studies

Are you or have you been studying at another university or university college in Sweden? If so, you may want to know that the contact details you enter here are the same that will be shown for these universities or university colleges. Please check your contact information to ensure that the university can contact you as you please.

Log in here with your Umu-id and go to "My pages" to check or change your information. You can switch language at the top of the page.

The link is also available on My page.

Change password

Change the password for your Umu-id

My consent

Some companies offering student discounts want to verify through Ladok that you are indeed a student. In order for them to do so, you must first give your consent.

You will find what companies this includes and give your consent via a link on My page.

From the Library tab ("Bibliotek")

Go to the Umeå University Library website

From the Software and IT Tools tab ("Programvaror och IT-hjälpmedel")

When studying at Umeå University, you will have access to a number of software and other IT tools that will facilitate your studies.

Find out more about software for students

From the Email tab ("E-post")

See under the heading "Contact information" above on this page.

From the Support tab

Find answers to your IT questions in the Knowledgebase (Manual) or learn how to contact the support