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Apply for transfer of credits

Apply for transfer of credits here.


Log in to apply

Log in with your Umu-id or with your user account at Universityadmissions.se.

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If you want to report a problem or ask technical questions, you can contact the technical support.

You must be admitted to and registered for a course at Umeå University in order for your application for transfer of credits to be processed.

If you want to apply for several transfer of credits, you can do so in the same application.

How to apply

Once you have logged in and started the application, the following steps will appear:

Step 1: Here you enter your contact information, state which programme your application concerns and specify the degree you plan to use your transfer of credits for.

Step 2: Here you enter your previously completed merits (studies and occupational experience) that are relevant for the application.

Step 3: Here you enter what you want to receive a transfer of credits for at Umeå University. For each desired transfer of credits, select the completed merit that you want the transfer of credits to be based on.

Step 4: Here you attach certificates/documents that are necessary for your application and enter additional information.

Step 5: Here you review and send application.

Confirmation of the received application, messages from degree officers and the decision will be sent to you via e-mail. Please note that the e-mail may end up in your spam folder. 

Your student counsellor can help you

Contact a study counsellor if you need help with your study planning and what transfer of credits you should apply for.

You must enter course codes in your application

The course code can be found in the course syllabus. You can search for syllabi at Umeå University in the Course syllabus search.

Are you admitted to a course but can't log in?

After the second Notification of Selection Results, your data is transferred to Ladok. The transfer will take place during the first or second week of August and January, respectively. After that, you can log in and apply for transfer of credits.

What if I can not apply via the Internet?

If you have technical difficulties in submitting your application via the web, you can contact the technical support. First you can try to use another browser. We recommend that you use Chrome, Edge or Firefox.

Latest update: 2022-09-06