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Changes to Copyprint

Your Umu card gives you access to all of the photocopiers at the university owned by Copyprint, on which you can print, scan and copy documents. During the spring there will be changes to the payment service that handles the balance on your Umu card linked to these photocopiers.

The new payment service will affect the balance on your Umu card account

The DIBS payment service currently used by the university to handle Umu card transactions will cease working on 26 April. This is the service used by students to pay money into their Umu card accounts to pay for copying, printing and scanning on the university’s photocopiers. This means that after this date it will no longer be possible to use money in Umu card accounts for the remainder of the spring semester. You should therefore avoid paying in more money to your Umu card account than you expect to use by 26 April.

The new payment system will be up and running in the autumn semester and any balance on your Umu card as of 26 April will then be transferred to the new system. There is no risk that your existing balance will be lost.

Using photocopiers after 26 April

Should you wish to use the university’s photocopiers from 26 April until the end of the spring semester, the university will make arrangements for every student to print to a value of SEK 50 per day. Your Umu card will be credited with SEK 50 each day. Please note that the balance cannot be carried over to the following day. To use your credits, simply scan your Ume card at the photocopier as previously.


What happens to the balance on my card?

The balance on your card as of 26 April will be transferred to the new system when it becomes operational. No remaining funds will be lost.

Can I have the balance on my Umu card refunded?

No, the university is unable to refund the balance on your Umu card.

Can I use the balance for anything other than printing services?

No, the system is only linked to photocopiers and cannot be used for any other purpose.

Why is the payment system closing down?

The university’s supplier will no longer be providing the service; a new service has been procured and will be up and running sometime during the summer.


Joakim Hallstig
Head of Office