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York University

General guidelines for study levels in Canada

First year courses are often adapted to those newly admitted to the university. Therefore, it may be more valuable to choose higher-level courses if you choose to study courses in your main field. For more information, please visit the university's website.

About York University

Available places: 0 for spring semester 2022

Established: 1959
Number of students: 55,000
Campus: The university has two campuses, Glendon and the main campus Keele that is located about 20 kilometres outside Toronto. Students can study courses at both campuses, there is a free bus transportation between them
Student life: At Keele Campus there are more than 290 student clubs, several libraries, sports facilities and a shopping mall.

About Toronto

Toronto is the largest city in Canada with around 5 million inhabitants in the metropolitan area. The city is located in Otario in south west of Canada, close to the boarder of USA. Toronto is the financial centre in Canada and is important for the country's business activities. It is a multi-cultural city with many nationalities and a wide offering of museums, theatres, festivals and operas. Nearby Toronto are the Niagara Falls.

Information from York University

Closed programmes are courses in following areas:
Schulich School of Business
Graduate level biology
Graduate level human resources management
Social work
School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design

Courses with limited access:
All courses on graduate level
Political science
The Faculty of Fine Arts
Computer science
Osgoode Hall Law School (Students may ONLY apply to the JD Program and must enroll in upper year Osgoode courses. Students should have completed at least 6 semesters of study and have successfully completed a substantial number of law courses with good grades since these courses are very competitive)

It is possible, but very difficult, to be admitted to graduate level courses (5000-6000) without having a completed bachelor’s degree.

Information regarding restrictions

Please note! Some courses may have supplemental fees that are not covered by the exchange tuition waiver (e.g. registration fee, etc.). These fees are found on the course schedule with date, time, and location.

University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) coverage and charges are mandatory ($212 CAD per term).

Full time studies (corresponding to 30 hp):
Undergraduate level: 15 credits
Graduate level: 12 credits

Course types:
Term course: 3 credits
Full year course: 6 credits

Course levels:
1000 indicates a first year undergraduate course; 2000 a second year undergraduate; 3000 a third year undergraduate; 4000 a fourth year undergraduate, 5000 and 6000 are graduate level courses.


On campus
Students who wish to live on campus must complete and submit the Housing Application Form that will be provided by York International.

Off campus
Students can also look for accommodations themselves.


Course information

Coming to YorkU on exchange

Student grants and loans for studies outside of Sweden

You may be entitled to student grants and loans from CSN when studying abroad.

As the cost of living and accommodation may be higher abroad, you can apply for an extra loan known as an additional loan for studies abroad.

You can also apply for an additional loan to cover additional costs, i.e. travel and insurance costs.