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Waseda University

Available places: 3 places for Fall semester 2023 

Established: 1882
Number of students: 42,000
Campus: The university has eight campuses in total, of which five are in Tokyo, main campus is in the Shinjuku district.
Student life: There are about 560 so called circles registered at the university. A circle is a group of students doing activities together outside of their studies. There are also a range of sports clubs aimed at students who practice at professional level.

Waseda University is one of the six universities in Japan that is called Tokyo roku daigak - a Japanese equivalent to Ivy League in USA.

About Tokyo

Tokyo is the capital of Japan and one of the largest cities in Asia, with a population of 9 million in the city and 35 million in the metropolitan area. That makes Tokyo one of the most populous areas. The city has many skyscrapers, more than New York. There are also several parks where it's possible to see the blooms of the cherry trees in the spring. Tokyo Sky Tree, which was opened to the public in 2012, is the city's tallest and the world's second tallest building. The tower has a lookout deck and is a popular tourist destination.

Information from Waseda University


Only students studying a programme taught in English at Umeå University can apply to Waseda University, or if you can provide an Official Language Proficiency Score certificate within the expiration date (for example TOEFL or IELTS).

Please note that you need to be aware of the language of instruction in the programmes offered. For information about restrictions, closed programmes and programmes with limited access please refer to: Requirements and Course Lists

Only the schools/departments listed in the webpage are open to exchange students.

Note that all course lists and syllabus are as of Academic year 2022 and subject to change in Academic year 2023. Some courses may not be available every semester.

Each School/Graduate School/Center has different application requirements. Please be aware that the choices of English courses available to undergraduate exchange students are quite limited, and undergraduate exchange students cannot take any courses related to lab work/experiments.

Exchange students must select their courses from those offered by the school they will be affiliated with at Waseda. In some cases, you may be permitted to take courses offered to all students or courses offered by other schools as well.

Undergraduate students cannot take courses intended for graduate students.
Graduate students cannot take courses intended for undergraduate students.

Syllabus Search

Full time studies (corresponding to 30 hp): 14 credits

Course types: The number of credits you can obtain by taking a course varies; it is, however, usually as follows:
A lecture-style course (90 minutes x 15 times): 2 credits
A Japanese language course (90 minutes x 15 times): 1 credit

Course levels: All courses have a code which consists of 8 letters and digits; 4 letters – 3 digits – 1 letter. The fifth character reflects the course level.
Level 1 — Freshman (beginner, initial, introductory)
Level 2 — Sophomore (intermediate, developmental, applicative)
Level 3 — Junior (advanced, practical, specialized)
Level 4 — Senior (final stage advanced-level undergraduate)

Academic year

Autumn term: September–February
Spring term: April–August


Housing options:
- Most students choose to live in exchange students' dormitory (the number of rooms is limited),
- Students can find their room in an apartment or a shared-house by themselves.
- Some students choose to live with a host family.
Exchange students can apply for dormitory after they are accepted.

Housing Options for Exchange Students


Student Exchange Program

Student grants and loans for studies outside of Sweden

You may be entitled to student grants and loans from CSN when studying abroad.

As the cost of living and accommodation may be higher abroad, you can apply for an extra loan known as an additional loan for studies abroad.

You can also apply for an additional loan to cover additional costs, i.e. travel and insurance costs.