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On this page you will find frequently asked questions about exchange studies.

Where can I go?

You can apply for exchange studies at a university that Umeå University has an exchange agreements with. The available agreements can be found in the database Solemove, but you can not go to all universities listed there, as most are only open to students at a particular faculty or institution. To find out which universities you can go to, search for your department in the database Solemove. 

In my programme we study courses at several departments. Under which department-linked agreement can I apply for exchange?

It depends on what you intended to study during your exchange term or which department you study at during the term you will study abroad. Turn to the international contact persons at the relevant departments and ask them about your opportunities to study abroad through their exchange agreement.

My department does not have any exchange agreement. Can I still apply for exchange studies?

You can apply for an exchange under the university-wide agreements that are open to all students. You can also talk with the international contact persons at other departments within the same, or related subjects, to see if you can go on exchange under one of their agreements.

I study my final term now, can I apply to go on exchange in the next term?

You are to transfer the credits from your exchange studies to your degree, which means you cannot apply for exchange studies when you have finished your studies at Umeå University.

Do I pay tuition fee to the university I go to?

No, when you study abroad under one of our exchange agreements you do not pay any tuition fees. However, you might be required to pay student union fees or similar to organisations at the host university.

Which courses can I take when I study abroad?

When you study abroad as an exchange student, you are to transfer the credits to your  degree  from Umeå University. Therefore, the courses you intend to study abroad must be approved by your department or programme. If your programme has a mobility window, you may have a possibility to study other subjects than what you study here. Talk to the study counsellor or international contact person at your programme or department before you select your courses.

How do I know which university offers the subject or course I want to take?

If you study abroad under one of your department's agreements, you can assume that the corresponding subject is available at the partner university. If you are going on exchange under a university-wide agreement or another department's agreement, you must access the partner university web that you access through the Agreement Database. If you have questions you can turn to the contact person for the specific university. Who that is, is also stated in the Agreement Database.

When do I have to decide which courses I want to study?

In some cases you must make a preliminary study plan stating which courses you intend to study at the partner university, when you apply for an exchange place.

Which exchange opportunities offer a scholarship?

You can apply for a scholarship if you go on exchange under Erasmus+, Nordplus, Linnaeus-Palme or North2North. Umeå University does not offer any scholarships linked to exchange places under the university-wide agreements and faculty agreements.

What does it mean to transfer the credits I study abroad?

Make sure you have full grades from the partner university. Also to include syllabus, bibliographies and any copies of the work, assignments and exam results that you have collected during your exchange studies.