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Exchange studies at the Arctic Circle

The exchange programme north2north offers the possibility to study at a partner university participating in the University of the Arctic network. The universities are located in the Northern region of Iceland, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Norway, Denmark, Finland, USA, Canada and Russia.

Announcement of exchange places for the academic year 2022/2023

The announcement of the exchange places for the academic year 2022/2023 opens early December 2021. The last application date is January 15, 2022.

If you have any questions regarding the north2north programme you are welcome to contact International Office through email,

Participating universities

You can find a list of participating north2north institutions here:
north2north institutions

Waiver to North American universities

The north2north exchange programme has at its disposal a number of north2north tuition waivers from North American member institutions. The study places of the partner universities in Canada and the United States (Alaska) will be distributed among applicants from the Swedish universities participating in the north2north programme. Applicants from Umeå University, Stockholm University, Mid Sweden University and Luleå University of Technology can apply for the exchange places.

Available places for the academic year 2022/2023 will be published here in December 2021. 


To be eligible for north2north you must:

  • Be a registered student at Umeå University at the time of your application or have an approved leave of absence from studies the year you apply.
  • Study at undergraduate or graduate level.
  • Go for exchange during a period of 3-10 months (shorter exchanges can be granted in exceptional cases).
  • Have documented language skills in the language of instruction. For English, the requirements are the equivalent of three years of study at upper secondary school. You should either have: 
    • minimum grade of VG (pass with credit) in upper secondary course A, or a minimum grade of B in upper secondary course 5,
    • or minimum grade of G (pass) in upper secondary course B, or a minimum grade of C from upper secondary course 6,
    • or minimum grade of E from upper secondary course 7,
    • or a valid language test which meets with the CEFR B2 level.
    • For students at programmes instructed in English at Umu, a copy of the proof of English proficiency submitted with the application to the programme is sufficient.
  • For documented language skills in other languages, please refer to the requirements of the partner university in question.
  • Write a travel report when you get home that describes your experiences from abroad.

If you are studying courses or a programme with emphasis on the Northern and Arctic regions,  you will have priority.

Do you receive a scholarship?

There is a possibility to receive a scholarship but there is no guarantee. The scholarships are financed by the Swedish Institute.


The application period for north2north opens in December and deadline is 15 January every year. The application needs to be submitted online in Solemove.

In your application, you can apply for up to three universities that you list in order of preference (first, second and third choice). You also need to select courses. Present your course selection for all universities you want to apply for to your study counselor. Please use the UArctic Study Catalog for information about courses and to learn more about the universities: UArctic Study Catalog

Mandatory attachments (all attachments, besides proof of English, needs to be in English):

  • Letter of Motivation - A personal letter in which you can motivate why you are applying for a north2north exchange place. Describe your academic connection to the northern / arctic or any other connection such as motivation or interest. For example: Letter of Motivation
    Use this template when you write your Letter of Motivation.
  • Official Transcript of Records. An up to date excerpt (pdf) from Ladok showing the courses you have been registered to as well as your grades, a so-called result certificate.
  • Proof of your English proficiency, such as upper secondary school diploma or English test. (excerpt from or will not be accepted)

More information about the north2north programme and the selection process can be found here: University of the Arctics.

If you have sent in several applications, it is the latest one that will be taken into consideration, unless you have notified us otherwise (contact