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Traineeship abroad

Do you think it sounds appealing to do a traineeship abroad? As a student at Umeå University, you can apply for an Erasmus scholarship for an traineeship, essay writing or data collection at a company or organization. It's an opportunity to give your degree a unique profile!

Jenny talks about her traineeship in Brussels

Within the Erasmus programme, you have the opportunity to go on a study or traineeship for a total of 12 months per education level
(bachelor, master and doctoral level). It's an opportunity to gain new experiences, meet new people and take a step further in your future career!

Different possibilities for traineeship

Student activities that count as traineeship: full-time traineeship abroad at companies, organizations or educational and research
centers, data collection for a thesis or dissertation and, in some cases, thesis writing.

As part of a traineeship course

You spend your traineeship/internship at a company, a university, or an organisation in Europe. You are assessed, and receive your grade, by Umeå University.

As part of a thesis/degree project

You are registered for a thesis/degree project at Umeå University, and examined in Umeå, but conduct data collection, a field study, or similar at a company, a university, or an organisation in Europe. Your supervisor at Umeå University need to approve the traineeship.

If you do a traineeship at a university, you may not register for any courses at that university.

Outside/after your ordinary studies

During your studies: You carry out the traineeship while you are a registered student at Umeå University, for example between terms. The traineeship will not award you credits, but will upon your request, be recorded in your Diploma Supplement (an appendix to your degree certificate).

After completion of your studies:

You can apply for the grant to do a traineeship once your studies has finished, as a so called 'recent graduate'. You will not be awarded credits nor have the traineeship recorded in a Diploma Supplement.

  • You must apply for the grant during your last term as a registered student at Umeå University. See Academic calendar here.

  • You have to complete your traineeship within twelve months after you finished your studies at Umeå University.

  • You need to have your grant application approved, before you apply for a degree certificate.

  • If you are awarded a grant, you must apply for the degree before commencing your traineeship.'


Applicant requirements

As an applicant you must:

  • be registered as a full-time student at Umeå University at the time of your application (this is also applicable if you complete your traineeship after finishing your studies at Umeå University).

  • pursue studies leading to a recognized degree or other recognized tertiary level qualification, such as Bachelor, Master or Doctorate at Umeå University. A student who only intends to study a single course at the institution without obtaining a degree does not qualify for Erasmus mobility. On the other hand, independent course students, who intend to take a degree, qualify for Erasmus mobility.

  • carry out the whole duration of your traineeship with the same host organisation and live in the host country during the course of your traineeship.

  • not receive any other grants from the EU or the Swedish Council for Higher Education at the same time


Not approved traineeships

Erasmus+ aims to promote international mobility and to help students gain international experience. You are therefore not eligible for an Erasmus+ grant:

  • for traineeship in Sweden

  • for a traineeshop in the country where you live while studying at Umeå University

  • for distance traineeships

  • if you commute from Sweden to your traineeship

Find a traineeship

As a student, you will find your own traineeship. You can do a traineeship at a company, research institute, laboratory or any other relevant organisation. You need to find your traineeship before applying for the scholarship. You can directly contact the workplaces you are interested in doing your traineeship at, there is also the opportunity to turn to organizations or companies that can help mediate traineeships.

Your traineeship must:

  • be full-time and comprise at least 60 days and no longer than 6 months (with possibility of extension up to one year if there is enough funding).

  • take place at an approved organisation or enterprise in any of the Erasmus+ Programme countries.

  • transfer as credits to your study programme at Umeå University, or be recognized in a Diploma Supplement (this does not apply for traineeships carried out by recent graduate students).

Which organisations are approved?

Companies and organisations involved in economic activities in the public or private sectors are approved.

Organisations that are not approved to be host for trainee students from Sweden are:

  • EU institutions and other bodies.

  • Organisations working with EU programmes (such as international secretariats at universities). This is to avoid possible conflicts of interest and/or double financing.

  • Universities that are mainly financed by EU funds.

Eligible countries for Erasmus+ traineeship

The United Kingdom left the EU 1 February 2020, therefore United Kingdom will not participate in the Erasmus+ Programme 2021-2027. 


Opportunities for extra funding

For applicants with disabilities

All individuals, regardless of circumstances, shall be able to participate and develop themselves through Erasmus+. If you have a permanent or long-term disability including disability caused by physical or mental illness, you can apply for an extra top-up in addition to the regular scholarship amount to cover costs such as transportation, adapted housing, preparatory sign language course, adaption of teaching materials or such. The top-up is 250 EUR/month.

Certificate: from the coordinator for pedagogical support at the university or from e.g. the municipality that provides support to the student today.

For more information and to submit certificates (at the same time as traineeship application), contact erasmusstipendium@umu.se

Students who have both a disability and children are only granted one top-up.

For applicants with children

Students with children, regardless of whether the child accompanies mobility or not can apply for top-up. The top-up is 250 EUR/month.

Certificate: Family Certificate from the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) showing that the student has children or equivalent for international students.

For more information and to submit certificates (at the same time as traineeship application), contact erasmusstipendium@umu.se.

Students who have both a disability and children are only granted one top-up.

Green travel

You can receive a single contribution of 50 euro for green travel and up to 4 days of additional grant to cover travel days for a return trip. Green travel is defined as travel that uses low-emissions means of transport for the main part (more than half) of the trip, such as bus, train, car-pooling, boat or other sustainable transportation. The application for Green Travel must be made at the same time as the application for the traineeship grant before the traineeship starts.



How to apply

Submit application

First step is to fill out an online application form (the application includes a letter of motivation):

Submit your Erasmus traineeship application here.

Within 10 working days after your online application you will receive an e-mail invite to Umeå University's Canvas page for Erasmus Traineeship. When you have gained access to the page you will find more information about how to proceed to complete your application.

Your application must be complete no later than 30 days before you start your traineeship. It is therefore important that you submit your online application in good time, preferably two months prior to the traineeship start date.

You can submit your application any time during the year, but we do not process any applications between the following dates:

1 July–10 August
15 December–10 January

If you submit your application between those days we will process it once we're open again. If you plan to commence your traineeship in August/September, or in January/February, it is particularly important that you plan to submit your application in time.

After your application

Order of priority 'first come, first served'

A limited number of grants are available and are allocated according to the principle "first come, first served" as long as there are still funds. You must therefore complete your application 30 days after you have gained access to Canvas at the latest. If there are more applicants than funds a selection is made based on the criteria stated in:
Order of priority

Grant amount and payment

The grant amount differs depending on which country you are to do your traineeship in. It is between 660-710 EUR/month

About 70 percent of the total amount will be disbursed in the beginning of the traineeship period. The remaining funds is paid out after you have completed your traineeship and fulfilled the requirements stated under Requirements and Application.

The payments are made on the 25th of every month and are in accordance with the exchange rate that existed when the university received the funds.

If you choose to cancel your traineeship or if you do not fulfil the requirements you may have to pay back the full amount, or part, of your scholarship.

You are insured by Student UT

As an Erasmus trainee you are insured by he The Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency's insurance Student UT. If your traineeship is transferred as credits to your study programme you will receive the insurance certificate from your study advisor or departmental coordinator.

If your traineeship is not transferred as credits you request your insurance certificate from the International Office by sending an e-mail to: erasmusstipendium@umu.se

It is your responsibility to review your insurance coverage and assess your insurance needs.

Student UT

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