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A. For program students at UID:

At UID we have a printing system called UNIflow with direct payment functionality. Requirements for printing (Mac or Windows):

  1. You need to have a UmU-ID (which all of you have).
  2. You need a PayPal account - so you need to create one if you don't have it.
  3. Transfer money to the UID printing account (at a minimum 100 SEK) from your PayPal account via: where you log in using your UmU-ID.
  4. Register your UmU-ID card (or any card with an RFID tag) at any of our printers that have that card reader.
  5. You can now print from from the computers in the PC-labs.
  6. Done!
  7. (OPTIONAL) If you want to print from your private computer - download and install this zip file with drivers and instructions on your own computer (Mac or Windows).

Note! If you don't have any money in the UID printing account when you print, the print will be automatically removed from the printing queue.

In project courses there is often a budget for printing costs, and these projects appear as separate accounts in the printer user interface when you log in to the system on our printers. At the printer you choose which account you want to charge for the printing cost.

If you have questions about this, contact ITS/Servicedesk

B. For students on single subject courses (fristående kurser) at UID:

The UmU-ID Card printing function at main campus is unfortunately not accessible at Arts Campus and UID.

You will instead be able to print directly from the computers in our PC-labs by logging in to a joint printing account. Your course responsible teacher will provide you with the necessary instructions on how to print from our labs.