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Software for your personal computer

As we transition towards remote teaching in the digital space it is important that students familiarize themselves with our main channels of communication going forward. Below follows instructions, manuals and the software required for your remote education for the remainder of the semester.

Essential Digital Platforms

Zoom, CanvasCambro and email will be the key channels of communication as we transition to digital systems for remote education. If needed, take the opportunity to create and/or update your individual accounts (links below). Students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with these platforms as soon as possible. 

Software & Programmes

As students are now expected to perform their studies from home computers it is important that they have access to all the programmes and software required to maintain the quality of their education. Below are lists of links to programmes currently (and shortly) available for download. 

Programmes provided by UID

Free educational trial programmes

VPN (access to UID fileserver & software)

Students at UID can now use the Umeå University VPN service. Skip the first part about ordering a VPN account and start at point 1. At point 3, enter instead of

The instruction is for Windows but the webpage will offer a download for whatever operating system that you are using.

Be aware that ALL network traffic will go through the Umeå University VPN servers/network if you are logged in with the AnyConnect VPN client. Only use it if you need to access the UID file server, otherwise you will put unnecessary load on the University servers/network. This is especially true if you are using Youtube, Netflix, etc! Also make sure that you are not doing any downloading/sharing/torrenting pirated stuff while being connected with the VPN, otherwise the University lawyers might be knocking on your door...

If you have any questions regarding programmes, logins, licences, etc., please contact: