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For our PhD students

Handbooks and guidelines

General syllabus for PhD in industrial design

Every doctoral student must have an individual study plan (ISP), that follows the UID PhD goal attainment matrix. These are tools for planning and follow-up of each doctoral student's education. The doctoral student and the supervisors must perform a follow-up of the ISP at least once a year. All information in the ISP must conform to the rules in the Legal framework at Umeå University. As of the study year 2019-20, the faculty of Science and Technology at Umeå University uses a new ISP Template instead of the previous web-based ISP tool.

Registration and level of activity


Umeå Institute of Design applies the following basic additions beyond those set out in Regler för utbildning på forskarnivå vid Umeå universitet:

A full-time graduate student is entitled to continuous supervision to the amount 150 hours per year (compared to the mandatory minimum requirement of 100 clock hours per year) during the four years of study. A part-time graduate student is entitled to supervision for at most 8 years. For studies with a licentiate degree as the goal, the right to supervision is 150 hours per year over 2 years full time studies The time includes all the supervisors' activities related to the supervision of the student.

Since PhD students at Umeå Institute of Design do not conduct full-time studies, but 80% studies and 20% teaching, the amount of supervision hours allocated to each student is 120 hours per year. These hours are divided between the appointed supervisors, according to the needs of the PhD student, and include supervision meetings, reading of texts and materials, and participation in meetings of supervisors etc.

Procedures for reporting PhD course credits in Ladok

It is always the supervisor who is responsible for reporting credits, never the PhD student. However, the PhD student is responsible for checking their transcript of records on a regular basis to verify that credits are reported, and to raise any issues with UID administration if necessary.

When the PhD student has completed a course, the supervisor (or PhD course responsible, if the course is given at UID) fills in and signs the form "Registration of completed PhD course in Ladok." If the course is completed at another institution than UID, the PhD student is responsible for providing the supervisor with the necessary documentation and information.

When the supervisor has approved that the course can be registered in Ladok, he/she submits the form + course certificate to the administrator for PhD education.

The administrator reports the course credits in Ladok.

Dissertation credits will be reported in Ladok only after the examination board has approved dissertation in connection to the dissertation defense.

Salary levels: UID appendix to the UmU salary agreement

Salary level revision is done in connection to the yearly prolongation of PhD student employment, and follows the centrally negotiated levels in the "Doktorandtrappan". It is always the administrator for PhD education who is responsible for reporting to the staff administrator if a PhD student reaches a new credit based salary level prior to the annual revision. However, the PhD student is responsible for checking their salary statement in regard to their credit level on a regular basis to verify that credits are reported, and to raise any issues with UID administration if necessary.

The new salary for the PhD levels 2-4 will be paid the month after the new level has been reached. Retroactive payment of salary will not be applied (except for level 4).

Level 2 is reached when the first calendar year in the PhD programme is completed. As "completed time", time when the PhD student has been on sick leave or parental leave is also included.

Level 3 is reached after completed second calendar year, or when a licentiate degree is obtained, or at when 120 credits have been reported.

Level 4 is reached retroactively nine months from date of the "spikning" of the dissertation. (The PhD student is responsible for notifying the UID staff administrator about this when the spikning has been carried out).

Other policies