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Brita-Stina Nordenstedt's Donation

Umeå University announces the possibility to apply for a scholarship from the Brita-Stina Nordenstedt's foundation on two occasions per year. One is announced during the spring intended for use in the autumn (application deadline June 14) and one is announced during autumn intended for use in the spring (application deadline November 30).

The purpose of the scholarship is to promote interdisciplinary cooperation between one, two or three of the following subjects: food & nutrition, design and technique. The applications should concern any of the following areas: functional living, working environment, meals, design or architecture in private and public settings. If the project to which the application relates does not clearly describe the connection to any of these areas, it falls outside the scope of this scholarship.

When appointing a Scholarship holder, special consideration is given to the applicant's project orientation and interdisciplinarity. Documented contact with possible collaborators is beneficial.


Applicants must at time of application be a student at The Department of Food and Nutrition, Umeå Institute of Design or a technology education at the Faculty of Science and Technology, including Umeå School of Architecture at Umeå University.

Scholarship form and scholarship amount 

  • Travel grants: 5-10 grants with 5000 to 10 000 SEK per contribution.*
  • Grants for promising research: 5-7 grants with 15,000 to 25,000 SEK per contribution.
  • Other scholarships: The Scholarship Committee can agree on awarding grants to other types of projects in accordance with the donation purposes.


The application must include a fully completed application form. One and the same form should be used for applying both for travel scholarship and scholarship for promising research (provided it is for the same project).

Application forms:

The application deadline for scholarships announced during the autumn, intended for use in the spring, is November 30th 2021.

The application for scholarship shall be submitted (preferably by e-mail) to:


Postal address:

Corné de Beer

Umeå Institute of Design

Umeå University

SE-901 87 UMEÅ


Please note that applications that are submitted later than the announced deadline date, according to date/time stamp on e-mail (Swedish time) or postage envelope, will not be considered.


Scholarships applied for during the spring are awarded after a decision made by the Scholarship Committee, by the end of the month of January following the application.

Scholarships applied for during the autumn are awarded after a decision made by the Scholarship Committee, by the end of the month of January following the application.

The Scholarship committee consists of three representatives of the family of Brita-Stina Nordenstedt, and one representative each for the Department of Food, Nutrition and Culinary Science, Umeå Institute of Design and The Faculty of Science and Technology.


All Scholarship holders, having applied during the spring, granted a scholarship must submit a fully completed account form for the project the 15 November 2022 at the latest. The report should include a financial account, and also a short report outlining the project process and results in a way that allows laymen to understand the project (including visuals).

All scholarship recipients must also be prepared to give a short presentation, in Umeå or via video link / Skype, at the scholarship committee meeting. 2-3 scholarship recipients will be invited to present their projects.


If you have questions regarding the scholarship please contact:

Linda Bresäter, Deputy head of department Umeå Institute of Design


Phone: +46 (0)90-786 88 19

Report forms

*Due to the current pandemic of covid-19, travel grants will only be granted if it is in accordance with Umeå University's directive at the time of the decision in January 2022.

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