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How to apply for thesis financial support

At UID, thesis students, who have been unable to find external sponsors, can be financially assisted with a fixed sum of 500 SEK. The cost will be covered by each programme's budget.

The following principles are valid until further notice when it comes to applying for allocated funding for thesis project expenses of required deliverables at Umeå Institute of Design. The department can deviate from these principles if it can be considered to be in the general interest of UID. Such deviation shall always be motivated in writing.

For more details regarding the UID policy for internal degree project funding, please see the policy document.

Who can apply for funding?

Students on Bachelor and Masters level that during thesis project have been unable to find any other kind of sponsoring for costs for mandatory course deliverables.

When to apply?

Applications for funding can be handed once a year latest April 15.
In certain circumstances, applications can be handed in also at other times.

How to apply?

This application form should be used, where the student certifies that it has not been possible to find external sponsoring for the thesis project. The form is to be emailed to the Programme Council, through Birgitta Sundberg

Preparation and decision

Applications are collected and prepared by the Programme Council. Decisions are made at the Decision meeting.