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Reporting Accidents

Reporting accidents or incidents: For students and staff

1. Every student and employee has a personal responsibility for reporting all accidents and incidents related to deficiencies in UID work environment to the UID leadership.

2. If ambulance is needed, alarm phones with direct connection to SOS Emergency are located in the 4D lab and full scale lab. The call is connected to SOS as soon as the receiver is lifted off the hook.

3. If an accident or incident occurs, report this immediately to the UID leadership by filling out a report form, available on the 4D lab noticeboard. You can also find the form, and the routine described, on the Umeå University web for students and staff. The forms should be signed by the person involved in the incident/accident, UID leadership (Head of department) and work environment representative. Contact the UID work environment representative, student work environment representative or HR Coordinator for help in the process. In event of a serious accident, the Arbetsmiljöverket should also be contacted.

4. When reporting incidents or accidents while travelling for foreign students, the HR Coordinator shall consult International Office at Umeå university in connection to the report.

5. A copy of the report shall be archived at UID with the HR Coordinator.

6. The UID work environment representative shall compile and hand in the reports to the Head of department on a yearly basis, latest by March 1.

Latest update: 2021-09-07