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At Umeå University there are three different student unions. Which one you belong to depends on what you study. UID students belong to the NTK Student Union for Students in the Natural Sciences and TechnTology. What does the NTK union do? Read more about what the NTK union does and the student discounts connected to the membership. The local section of the NTK union at Umeå Institute of Design is Ställverket, and the local section of the Umeå School of Architecture is Tullkammaren.

About Ställverket

Ställverket is a section within the Umeå Student Union of Nature and Technology (NTK) of Umeå University. The section consists of those who have paid their NTK student membership fee and who study within one of the study programmes or one-year courses at Umeå Institute of Design. Through Ställverket, student representatives are elected for the UID Department Board and other strategic working groups at UID. The student representatives take part in the work groups to help develop the school, and to contribute with the students' perspective. The student representatives do not only represent themselves or their class, but all students at UID. In order for them to do so, all UID students should actively aid them with input and issues to bring up at the different group meetings.


Ställverket works towards/with

1. Improving and developing the quality of the educational courses and programmes.
2. A social and friendly studying environment for the students.
3. Monitoring of national/international questions that are important for the students' education.
4. Marketing the members and their education.

Ställverket is religiously neutral and politically free.

Ställverket should not be financially used within personal or company interests. The union strives to strengthen the students' influence of their education.

If you are interested in participating in Ställverket you can contact the Ställverket president or any of the other board members, or you can come to one of our meetings. The Ställverket meetings are announced in "Wozzop" and on the Ställverket notice board.

Please contact Ställverket if you want to

1. Help improving the quality of your education.
2. Start a project with the purpose to benefit the students' working environment.
3. Arrange a pub or a party for the school.

Ställverket board

  • Head of Ställverket: Herin Haramoto, IDI
  • Vice Head of Ställverket: Ilse Pouwels, IxD1
  • Secretary: My Enetjärn, BFA1
  • Vice secretary: Amanda Wallgren, BFA2
  • Head cashier: Pauline Brideron, IDI
  • Vice cashier: Lou Holst, IDI

Programme Council for education

  • Oscar Olsson, BFA1
  • Felicia Evaldsson, BFA3
  • Kjersti Kravik, IDI
  • Anna Gebala, student representative APD
  • Zena Marie Corda, student representative IxD
  • David Wolter, student representative TD