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Canvas is the new learning platform at Umeå university and will replace Cambro and Moodle

Canvas opened for all users at the university May 4, 2020.

During the spring semester 2020 cirka 15 courses and 500 students were a part of a pilot. The purpose of the pilot was to collect feedback and input regarding the learning platform and the digital guides and manuals available.

In the spring 2022 all courses will use Canvas as the learning platform. Cambro and Moodle will eventually close but the date for closing is yet to be decided.

Digital guides and manuals can be found in Canvas. There will also be drop-in sessions where you can ask questions and receive help navigating the platform. All the drop-in sessions are published on this page.

If you need help and support in Canvas you can always contact the IT-support through ITS Servicedesk.