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Equal Opportunities at UID

At UID, we strive for an open and inclusive environment where everyone – no matter who you are – possesses equal rights and opportunities. We wish to create an environment free from harassment and discrimination of any kind.

Grounds for Discrimination

As an employer and an education provider, we have an obligation to oppose harassment and discrimination. Discrimination is prohibited on seven grounds according to Swedish law.

Those grounds are:

  1. Sex (woman/ man/transsexual)
  2. Ethnicity (national or ethnic origin)
  3. Religion or other belief
  4. Disability (permanent physical, metal or intellectual limitation of a person’s functional capacity)
  5. Sexual orientation (homosexual, bisexual or heterosexual orientation)
  6. Transgender identity or expression (that someone does not identify herself or himself as a woman or a man or expresses by their manner of dressing or in some other way that they belong to another sex)
  7. Age

Zero Tolerance Policy

At Umeå University and UID, we have a zero tolerance policy regarding discrimination, harassment or other mistreatment of students, employees, partners and visitors.

Both staff and students have a responsibility in the everyday encounters with colleagues, teachers and students to treat others with respect. The goal is for everyone to feel welcome and included.

Equal Opportunities Group

The Equal Opportunities Group here at UID, comprising of both staff members and student representatives, we have two main objectives:

  1. We act: handling issues and incidents at UID regarding equal opportunities (mainly supporting students and employees). All matters submitted to the group are treaded with full confidentiality. You will not be punished for addressing any kind of personal experience of harassment or discrimination during your time at UID.
  2. We are proactive: promoting and discussing the development and implementation of the topic of equality at UID.

The Group

  • Linda Bogren, staff representative
  • Niklas Andersson, staff representative
  • Mehmet Ozyoldash, IxD1, student representative, 2019-2020 
  • Thea Burlin BFA2, student representative, 2019-2020 
  • Oliver Weglinski, IxD1, student representative, 2019-2020 


Niklas Andersson, staff representative.