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Career Center

As an international student in Umeå you are either part of the IBP program, an exchange student or a master program student. In what stage you are will affect the type of support we can offer you. As a master student you have already managed a majority of your academic studies and are expected to have come a bit further in your career preparations.

Building a foundation for your future career is a balance between academic studies, personal traits and focus as well as an awareness of the job market and its expectations.

Depending on if you are on undergraduate or master level there are different things to consider. The further you are in your studies the higher the expectations that you have built a self-knowledge connected to you education and what competences/skills will be sought after by your preferred future employers. Based on the mentioned the final step is of course also then to build relevant experience and connections. Internship, which is a possible elective as a program student, is a good tool to accomplish this.

At Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics we can offer you career counselling sessions based on your situation. We provide a high quality education but the responsibility for success in entering the labour market lies to a large extent on you being proactive in the areas mentioned above and shown in the figure below.

For a personal career counselling contact

Working in Sweden often requires Swedish language proficiency even though there are exceptions. For an overview on the job entries of our 4-year professional degree programs (IBP included) our latest follow up is from the graduates 2015. Contact for more information.