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Contact persons for disability support

If you study within a programme, you should first turn to the contact person for the programme. You will then get information about who to turn to when it comes to courses within the program.

If you are studying a free-standing course, you should turn to the contact person at the department responsible for the course. Which department that is responsible for a particular course is stated in the syllabus.

Here you can search for a specific syllabus.

Contact persons

Here are contact persons for undergraduate programmes, master's programmes and departments.

Undergraduate programmes

Business Programme - None Specified

Fine Arts - Jeanette Nilsson

Life Science - Maria Jansson

Master's programmes

Go directly to master's programmes beginning with the letter:


Accounting - Gisela Taube-Lyxzén

Advanced Product Design - Birgitta Sundberg

Architecture and Urban Design - None specified

Art Therapy - None specified

Biomedicine - Viktoria Vedin

Business Development and Internationalisation - None specified

Bridging Teacher Education ProgrammeIngela Jonasson

Business Development and Internationalisation - None specified

Chemistry - Maria Jansson

Cognitive Science - None specified

Computational Science and EngineeringEddie Wadbro and Jennie Ohlsson

Computing ScienceFrank Drewes

Constitutional Law and Human Rights - None specified

Crisis Management and PeacebuildingAnna Palmgren Vahlroos

Earth Science - None specified

EcologyMaria Karlsson

EconomicsTomas Raattamaa

Environmental Archaeology - Elisabeth Raddock

Environmental HealthMaria Karlsson

FinanceGisela Taube-Lyxzén

Fine ArtsJeanette Nilsson

Gender Studies - None specified

GeoecologyMaria Karlsson

Historical studies - Elisabeth Raddock

Human-Computer Interaction and Social MediaAlexandra Lindén

Human Geography with specialisation in Geographical Information Systems (GIS)Håkan Appelblad

Interaction DesignBirgitta Sundberg

IT ManagementAlexandra Lindén

Labour LawStefan Lidberg

Land Use and Environmental LawStefan Lidberg

Law and Society - None specified

Law, Gender and Society - None specified

Leadership and Organisation - None specified

Library and Information ScienceHelen Andersson

Management - Gisela Taube-Lyxzén

Marketing - Gisela Taube-Lyxzén

Midwifery - Helen Forsgren

Molecular Biology - Viktoria Vedin

Nursing - Helen Forsgren

Nursing Science - Helen Forsgren

Occupational Health - Anita Petterson Strömbäck

Occupational TherapyBirgit Enberg

Pharmaceutical Science - Sanna Karlsson

Physics - Lars-Erik Svensson

Physiotherapy - Carin From

Plant and Forest Biotechnology - Laszlo Bako

Public Health - Carolina Näslund

Public Health with a Specialization in Health Economics - None specified

Political Science - Anna Palmgren Vahlroos

Robotics and Control - Catharina Åhgren

Scandinavian Studies with a Focus on Northern Studies - Irene Sedlacek

Social Work - Helen Bergström

Spatial Planning and Development - Håkan Appelblad

Special Education Programme - Ingela Jonasson

Special Needs Training - Ingela Jonasson

Sports MedicineApostolos Theos

Statistical Sciences - Jessica Fahlén

Theology Programme - Master Education - Elisabeth Raddock

Tourism - Håkan Appelblad

Transportation Design - Birgitta Sundberg 

Departments (for free-standing courses)

Go directly to departments whose name in English begins with the letter:


Applied Educational Science
(Tillämpad utbildningsvetenskap)

Applied Physics and Electronics -
Catharina Åhgren
(Tillämpad fysik och elektronik)

Chemistry - Maria Jansson
(Kemiska institutionen)

Clinical Microbiology - Karin Emanuelsson
(Klinisk mikrobiologi)

Clinical Sciences
(Klinisk vetenskap)

  • Courses within the 9th semester at the medical programme - Eva Westman
  • Courses within the 11th semester at the medical programme - Torbjörn Lind
  • Free-standing courses in child- and adolescent psychiatry - Maud Normark

Community Medicine and Rehabilitation
- Britt-Marie Eliasson
(Samhällsmedicin och rehabilitering)

Computing Science - Yvonne Löwstedt

Creative Studies (Teacher Education) - Stigbjörn Lestander
(Estetiska ämnen i lärarutbildningen)

Culture and Media Studies - Peter Lexelius
(Kultur- och medievetenskaper)

  • Ethnology
  • Journalism
  • The History and Theory of Art
  • Cultural Analysis
  • Kulturentreprenör
  • Comparative Literature
  • Media and Communications Studies
  • Museology

Ecology and Environmental Sciences - Maria Karlsson
(Ekologi, miljö och geovetenskap)

(Pedagogiska institutionen)

  • Free-standing courses in Sport Science - Camilla Jonsson
  • International courses in Education and Sport Science - Camilla Jonsson
  • Courses within in the Master Programme in Organizational Leadership Development - Camilla Jonsson
  • Free-standing courses in Education - Jenny Dufweke
  • Courses within the Programme in Behavioural Analysis of IT-Environments - Jenny Dufweke
  • Courses within the Study Programme for Social Science - Jenny Dufweke
  • Free-standing courses in Physical Education and Health, and in Special Education - Helen Andersson


Food and Nutrition - Josefin Brodin

Geography and Economic History
(Geografi och ekonomisk historia)

Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies - Elisabeth Raddock
(Idé- och samhällsstudier)

  • Archaeology
  • Philosophy
  • History
  • History of Science and Ideas
  • Religious Studies and Theology

Infomatics - Alexandra Lindén

Integrative Medical Biology - None Specified
(Integrativ medicinsk biologi)

Language Studies - Irene Sedlacek

Law - Stefan Lidberg
(Juridiska institutionen)

Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics - Jennie Ohlsson
(Matematik och matematisk statistik)

Medical Biosciences - Nina Ohlson
(Medicinsk biovetenskap)

Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics - Anna Sjöström
(Medicinsk kemi och biofysik)

Molecular Biology - Lina Helgesson

Nursing - Helen Forsgren

Odontology - Dirk Prüss

Pharmacology and Clinical Neuroscience - Sara Widmark
(Farmakologi och klinisk neurovetenskap)

Physics - Lars-Erik Svensson

Plant Physiology - Rebecca Gramner
(Fysiologisk botanik)

Political Science - Anna Palmgren Vahlroos
(Statsvetenskapliga institutionen)

Psychology - Jenny Nilsson

Public Health and Clinical Medicine - None specified
(Folkhälsa och klinisk medicin)

Radiation Sciences - Jonna Wilén

Science and Mathematics Education - Jonas Wikström
(Naturvetenskapernas och matematikens didaktik)

Social Work - Gudrun Hedberg
(Socialt arbete)

Sociology - Erika Antill
(Sociologiska institutionen)

Surgical and Perioperative Sciences - Elin Enqvist
(Kirurgisk och perioperativ vetenskap)

Umeå Academy of Fine Arts - Jeanette Nilsson

Umeå Centre for Gender Studies, UCGS - Linda Sandberg
(Umeå centrum för genusstudier)

Umeå Institute of Design - Linda Bogren

Umeå School of Architecture - Sofia Mikaelsson

Umeå School of Business and Economics

Umeå University School of Restaurant and Culinary Arts - Julia Berggren