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More tips on support

There is more support available to students with disabilities in addition to what is offered via the coordinator. A description of these services follows below.

Therapy Clinic (Psykologmottagningen)

At the Department of Psychology's Therapy Clinic (Psykologmottagningen), students at the Psychology programme offers counselling as part of their education, at a lower cost.

Therapy Clinic (Psykologmottagningen, in Swedish)

Support for studies abroad

If you have a decision on support for disabilities, it may be possible to get that support also for studies abroad. Within Europe there are extra funds that you can seek, to cover any additional costs for disabilities.

It is important that you plan any studies abroad in very good time. Talk to the contact person at your department, one of the coordinators for disabilities or an international coordinator at the International Office.

Read more about studies abroad

Read about Study abroad without Limits on the LINK Network web pages

Support provided by others

Church on campus

Church on campus offer individual support, group activities and lectures for all students at Umeå University

Church on campus

Umeå Municipality

Mobility service, parking permit, personal assistant, home-help/housing-support assistance, etc. are services that you can receive more information about through contact with a case administrator. Tel: 090-16 10 00 (reception).

Umeå Municipality

The County Council

The County Council is responsible for assistive technology. Contact your health centre or Hjälpmedelcentrum Västerbotten for more information.

The County Council of Västerbotten (Västerbottens läns landsting)

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