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Multi-faith space

The Multi-faith space is a bookable room on Campus Umeå, which can meet the need for prayer, meditation and service. The room is open to both students and employees regardless of faith or beliefs.

You can book the Multi-faith space for spiritual or religious activities, but you can also use the room for individual religious practice.

The Multi-faith space can be found in the Natural Sciences Building on level 3. Use our digital map service to find the space.

Rules for the Multi-faith space

Please follow these simple rules so that everyone will feel at home:

  • You can book the room for spiritual or religious group activities.
  • You can use the room for individual religious practice when it is not booked.
  • Please leave your shoes on the shoe rack.
  • Please leave all food, snacks or drinks outside the room.
  • If you want to play the piano (without connection to a service), this is not allowed between 11:00–13:30 or 15:30–17:00. At other times, individual religious practice are prioritized over playing the piano.


Christian prayer (recurring event)

Tuesdays 12:25–13:00

Muslim Friday prayer (recurring event)

From February to May: Fridays 12.30-13.30

Sahaja Yoga Meditation (recurring event)

Mondays 11.30 - 12.30

Occasional events

Monday 16 May 14.30 - 15.30 - Zazen & Dharma about Vesak

Book the Multi-faith space

To book the Multi-faith space and ask about your booking, please contact: