Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 1 July 2020)

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Campus WiFi

You can access our campus WiFi in two ways, through eduroam or Umu wlan.


With an eduroam user account, you get access to wireless internet everywhere that offers eduroam. It is a safe WiFi free of charge that works at hundreds of universities, airports and train stations across the world.

Install eduroam for Windows 10 (in English)

Install eduroam for MacOS X (in Swedish)

Install eduroam for iPhone/iPad (in Swedish)

Install eduroam for Android (in Swedish)

Read more about eduroam and what universities are connected at

Umu wlan

Campus also has the wireless network Umu wlan, which primarily covers our public spaces such as cafés, communal spaces, libraries and most auditoriums and classrooms. You can sign in to Umu wlan by using your Umu-id.