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Email and Microsoft 365

As a student you have access to all of Microsoft 365 services for free. In Microsoft 365, you get access to applications such as Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Whiteboard, Forms, your email and a lot more services that can simplify your time as a student and working with your friends.

You can access all services in Office 365 via the direct link O365.umu.se.


When activating your user account, you automatically get access to an email account in Microsoft 365. Your email address will be UMU-id@student.umu.se.

You can choose if you want to use this account when in contact with the University or if you would like to use a private account.

To change your primary email account, visit My settings, log in using your UMU ID and choose My pages, Email settings in the main menu.

My Settings

Microsoft 365 – more than just email

In Microsoft 365, you have a lot of smart tools. We recommend you to start using the app Teams. It’s a tool for collaboration where you can share and co-edit files, chat and have video calls with your friends. It is also a good tool to store and gather your own files and documents. To be familiar with Microsoft 365 is good for your future work because it’s a common tool to use as a company.

Tip! When you install Microsoft 365, attend on activating Multifactor Authentication to your account as well. It protects your password and all of your files you’ve stored at the University’s system. Check out the manual for how to do it.

Others services that are included

Note with Onenote

OneNote is a digital notebook where you can write and gather notes. Note for you one sake, or create notes and notepads together with others. 

Structure and distribute with Planner

With planner you can structure and distribute tasks. Gather your own or your groups working tasks at one place, and check off when you’re done.

Manage your email, calendar and contacts in Outlook

You can store emails and attachments up to 50 GB, get access to calendars that you can share with others and an address book for your contacts. You can also easily connect the student email account with email clients in your computer, mobile phone and tablet.

Upload and store your files in OneDrive

You get 1 TB of storage space for your files. In Office 365, document management has enhanced with new features to facilitate collaboration with your fellow students. OneDrive allows you to synchronise your files with computers, mobile phones and tablets.

Word, Excel and Powerpoint

You can create and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote files directly via your web browser.

As a student at Umeå University, you also have the option to install Microsoft Pro on up to five computers, at no cost. To download the software, you need to be logged in to Microsoft 365 with your user account at Umeå University (Umu-id). If you need help downloading and installing the software, there are instructions available through the link on this page.

Work together on digital Whiteboards

Whiteboard is a complement to the university's tools for digital meetings. The application facilitates digital collaborations as it makes it possible to create digital whiteboards where you can do post-its, write text, draw and mount pictures and documents. You can use it for example in:

  • Workshops
  • Project planning
  • Group discussions

Create surveys with Forms

With Forms you can create and share forms and surveys but also create reports. In Forms you can:

  • Create surveys, forms and polls
  • Invite participants to respond to the survey/form
  • Compile and evaluate the answers you receive
  • Export data to Excel to create analyses, charts, etc.

Get help from the AI-powered chat Copilot

As a student, you have access to Copilot on the web - an intelligent and engaging AI chatbot that can help you with various tasks and questions. The areas of use are many, some examples:

  • Copilot can help you solve math problems by generating step-by-step solutions and explanations.
  • Copilot can help you find relevant articles, books and other sources for your research.
  • Copilot can help you create a study plan, remind you of deadlines, and give you tips on how to improve your study habits.
  • Copilot can help you prepare for exams by generating practice questions and giving you feedback on your answers.

How to use Copilot

Go to copilot.microsoft.com and log in with your account (umu-id@student.umu.se). When you're logged in, you get access to "Commercial data protection in Copilot". The logged-in version has a higher level of protection than the trial version that you have access to in logged-out mode.

  • In logged-in mode, the information you write in the chat is neither saved nor shared.
  • All information in the chat is deleted after the session ends and the information is never used to train the model.
  • All data is handled within Europe and the service is covered by the agreements the university has with Microsoft.

Other available apps in Office 365

  • OneNote is a digital notebook for writing and collecting your memos.
  • Planner is an app for structuring and distributing tasks.

Support and help for Microsoft 365

If you need help with using Microsoft 365 there are a few sources where you can find information: 

  • Umeå University's website for instructions –​ Manual. Here are answers to frequently asked questions and instructions on how to perform various tasks.
  • There is a lot of support available on the Microsoft Office 365 website.
  • If you have checked these pages but have not found an answer to your question - then contact Servicedesk.
Latest update: 2024-07-04