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Safety and Security

Staff and students can actively work to increase safety, for example by reporting faults and deficiencies to the head of department or to the University Safety Officer.

The Vice-Chancellor is responsible for the overall safety on Campus, and the heads of the departments and the offices managers are responsible for risk management, safety and security at their respective department.

Crises and risk management

The "University Crisis Group" is a resource that support the departments and their staff when their own resources are insufficient or when the university as a whole is affected. If you or someone else needs to get in touch with the university's safety and security management, please call +46 (0)90-786 9700. SOS answers calls around the clock.

A crisis can be defined as the effect of an unwanted event where past experience and known reactions do not help to understand and deal with the particular situation, for example:

  • Violence, accidents and sabotage
  • Misconduct/maladministration
  • Breach of ethics and morals


Lisa Redin
Security coordinator, head of unit