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For support persons

Providing support to a student with functional disability is a very important role. A support person can, for instance, provide note taking support. If you are already employed at Umeå University, you cannot take on the role as support person.

Note taking support

Note taking support means that you help students with functional disabilities to take notes during lectures. It is important to take accurate and clear notes since others than yourself need to be able to understand the content.

What note taking support involves

When supporting with note taking, you can get paid for taking notes during lectures for a student who has been granted such support.

Payment for note taking support is offered only for lectures and scheduled seminars, including pre-recorded online lectures. The person taking notes is responsible for assessing the accuracy and relevance of the notes taken. Note taking support must be seen as complementary to the lecture and any potential notes taken by the student itself, and cannot replace presence at the lecture or watching/listening to an online lecture.

The assignment involves you

  • handing over easy-to-grasp and clear notes to the person you are taking notes for, as soon as possible. You can hand in your notes on paper or in digital format. Costs for potential printing or copying are included in the rate.
  • if necessary, you may need to go through the notes with the person you are taking notes for and provide clarifications.

Some advice when supporting with taking notes

  • Prepare by familiarising yourself with the structure of the course literature and get an idea of the concepts, principles and methods in the text.
  • Make the notes well-arranged and clear. Leave gaps between lines and good margins for additions from the course literature, reflections, questions or similar.
  • Note down potential important information that the lecturer conveys but that is not written down on the whiteboard/equivalent. Terminology and concepts that are repeated by the lecturer and that are specific to the course can also be important to note down.

How to get paid

To get paid for assignments as a support person, you must hand in some important information. A notice of interest for paid assignments must be filled out and handed in before you can start your assignments. You cannot be paid for any notes or assignments performed before you have handed in this notice of interest.

If you have not filled out your claims form for employment with hourly compensation correctly, it will be returned to you for corrections. Hand in your claims form every month, as this makes it possible to correct any mistakes and the risk of not receiving payment for completed assignments is reduced.

The forms for notice of interest for paid assignments and claims form for employment with hourly compensation can be found below.


It is important that you fill out the forms and attach the information according to the following instruction.

Notice of interest for paid assignments 

Claims form for employment with hourly compensation

Instructions on how to fill out the claims form for employment with hourly compensation

  • Fill in your name, personal identity number and address on the claims form for employment with hourly compensation.
  • Under Unit, please enter Student Services Office.
  • Under Employed as, please enter Note taking supportSupporting a fellow student or Assisting with writing, and the name of the person you supported.
  • Fill in how many hours you have worked for each day in the grey fields under Period. Round your time up to the nearest half hour. The columns á pris/tim and Totalt belopp are filled in by the coordinator. Sign the claims form in the field Signature employee. Note that you can only get paid for working hours during Monday-Friday, and with a maximum of 8 hours per day (if the schedule doesn't show that the lecture is live - streamed or at campus - on a Saturday or a Sunday, or longer than 8 hours).
  • If you are taking notes for more than one person, you must submit one claims form for each person. You only need to submit one timetable if the timetable is the same for all students you are taking notes for.
  • If you are taking notes of a pre-recorded lecture, the following applies: Double the time of the pre-recorded lecture and round the time up to the nearest half hour. (Example: if the lecture is 10 minutes, payment covers 2x10 minutes = 20 minutes. Then round up to the nearest half hour = 30 minutes. Enter 30 minutes in your claims form.)

Remaining fields of the claims form are left blank. 

Timetable – if you support with note taking at lectures

If you have been hired to support with note taking, you will get paid for doing so during lectures and scheduled seminars. You do not get paid for group work, unless otherwise stated by the coordinator. To get paid for note taking support, you must attach the relevant timetable or screenshots from pre-recorded lectures.

Payment and account

Payments for hourly employment are made on the 25th of the month after your assignments were performed. To obtain payment on the 25th, you must hand in a correctly filled out claims form for employment with hourly compensation together with the timetable (if you provide note taking support), no later than on the 1st of the month of payment. For payments in July, the claims form must be handed in no later than on 15 June. For payments in January, the claims form must be handed in no later than on 15 December.

Submit the above information to the coordinator for students with functional disability by means of one of the following: 

  • By post to: Coordinator for students with functional disability
    Student Services Office, Umeå University, SE-901 87 Umeå.
  • By email to: stodperson.sc@umu.se
  • Via the contact form on this page
  • You can also hand in your claims form to Infocenter in the Universum Building

Umeå University uses Danske Bank to make payments, so if you want your payment to your salary account, you must get registered with Danske Bank according to the instructions you received when handing in your notice of interest for paid assignments form.

Checklist – have you completed or handed in ...?

  • The notice of interest for paid assignments form. Must be submitted before commencing any assignments and at the start of each new semester as long as the assignment continues.
  • Claims form for hourly compensation, containing:
    • The number of hours, rounded up to the nearest half hour.
    • You name and the name of the person you take notes for.
  • Timetable, alternatively a screenshot of pre-recorded lectures.
  • Registration of your account with Danske Bank for payments. 

The following rates apply

  • Note taking support: SEK 100 per hour for one student; SEK 20 per hour for each additional student (Example: if you are taking notes for two students, you are paid SEK 120 per hour).
  • Supporting another student: SEK 100 per hour
  • Assistance with writing: SEK 150 per hour

If you need help or have questions

Contact Infocenter through the contact form below. You can also call +46 90-786 50 00 or visit Infocenter in the Universum Building.

Contact form

Your message will be sent to Infocenter at Umeå University. They will pass your message on to the person concerned. Please check your junk mail, to make sure you get our e-mail response. Our e-mails sometimes get stuck in the anti-spam filter.

Please be aware that the University is a public authority and that what you write here can be included in an official document. Therefore, be careful if you are writing about sensitive or personal matters in this contact form. If you have such an enquiry, please call us instead. All data will be treated in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Latest update: 2022-10-20