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Your rights and responsibilities

Equal opportunities

Umeå university has an obligation to counter discrimination and to work for equal rights.

If you fall ill and cannot study

You can be eligible for sickness allowance and your student finance may be affected. Find out more.

Studying whilst being a parent

There are rules to simplify for parents to study. This page provides information to support you.

Cheating and plagiarism

This is about how cheating and plagiarism are defined, what happens if you cheat and how you can avoid it.

Processing personal data in a student project

Students must follow special rules when processing personal data in their student projects.

Legal framework

The regulations at Umeå University consist of all university common governing documents.

Complaints and feedback

Here's how to make a complaint or to leave feedback regarding your education or study environment.

Student representation

These are the University bodies that must have at least one student representative.