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Initiating a new study

UFBI is collaborating on a project basis with several scientists locally in Umeå, from other Swedish cities, as well as internationally. We here describe the usual steps involved in these collaborations to simplify for prospective future projects.

1. For a fMRI-study, contact UFBI, either Lars Nyberg ( or Johan Eriksson ( For a PET-study, contact Katrine Riklund ( In both cases, provide an outline of the suggested research project. This outline should include the question(s) that is sought to be answered in the context of previous research, the key aspect of the paradigm in relation to this question, in what way fMRI contributes to answering the question, data analysis issues (see below), as well as how the project is to be financially supported. Project costs can be covered by external (your) funding, by UFBI, or a combination thereof. Please note that UFBI does not do commissioned research and that you cannot simply buy scanner time.

2. The relevance, priority, and quality of the project will be discussed internally within UFBI.

3. If we find the project suitable for UFBI research, (behavioral) pilot studies should be performed to ensure that the paradigm works as intended.

4. When the "dry runs" has been found satisfactory we will take it to the scanner for a second-step pilot run.

5. The project and results from the pilot runs will be presented at one of the UFBI lab meetings to enable feedback from the lab group.

6. Schedule scanner time.

7. Data collection.

8. Data analyses. It is valuable for us to know early on whether you have previous experience of fMRI data analysis, as well as whether you intend to perform the analysis yourself or if this is to be performed at UFBI.