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About the Graduate School of Gender Studies

The objective of the Graduate School of Gender Studies is to promote gender studies as an orientation within various disciplines and provide doctoral students with a solid understanding of interdisciplinary gender studies.

The Graduate School of Gender Studies works through interdisciplinary collaboration with participants from various scientific environments with diverse traditions. This diversity affects the structure of the graduate research training, scientific problem solving procedures, methodology, theory, reflexivity, and ethics.

To achieve the aim of creating new knowledge and training skilled researchers, the Graduate School of Gender Studies and collaborating departments must work constructively to deal with the concrete practical and scientific implications of their diversity. This creates fertile ground for a dynamic and enriching study environment.

The doctoral students work both with their doctoral discipline at Umeå University and with the Graduate School of Gender Studies. The practical issues connected to this shall be solved through agreements and individual study plans.

Each semester, there are collective sessions for tutors and doctoral students, interdisciplinary research courses, and an ongoing seminar. Gender conferences are also held regularly.

Organisation and management

The Graduate School of Gender Studies is organised as a work unit under Umeå Centre for Gender Studies with a director of studies, a coordinator, and an administrator.

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