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The Graduate School of Gender Studies regularly arranges postgraduate courses and seminars, some of them in English.

Autumn Term 2022

Ethnography in gender research: theory, methods and ethics (7,5 hp)

The course gives an advanced introduction to ethnographic practice and writing, anchored in how ethnography has been discussed and used within gender research. The participants will explore, interpret and problematize the methodological and analytical practices of ethnography. With this focus, the course will be especially attuned to the specificities of the doctoral candidates own use of ethnographic methods, ethics, and writing.

The course is given in English and will hopefully take place on campus. 

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Introduction to Gender Studies: Perspectives and concepts (7,5 hp)

The course introduces classic and contemporary perspectives and concepts in Gender Studies, and explores tensions and diverging lines between different approaches to gender and power. The readings, together with lectures and discussions, will engage with how gender relates to, for example, sex, bodies, sexuality, coloniality, violence and work. Through the specific method of empathic reading this course focuses on reading, understanding and interpreting central themes in the course literature. You find the syllabus attached.

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Workshop: How To Read – Strategies and Interests

A workshop for anyone who wants to learn, discuss, and practice the art of reading, analyzing, and interpreting academic texts. When we read texts from other fields and research areas, the feeling of not “getting it” is not uncommon. At the same time, working within a transdisciplinary field requires such readings. How can we engage with such texts, keep our curiosity, and not feel that it is “too much” or “waste of time” to read texts that might not have an immediate relation to our own field?

November 29, 10.15-15.00
UCGS Library
Social Science Building, 4th floor (Samhällsvetarhuset)

Anne-Charlotte Ek, lecturer at the Centre for Teaching and Learning at Malmö University.

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Spring Term 2023

Courses starting spring 2023:

Applied quantitative and empirically driven gender research, (7,5 hp)

The course aims at providing insights into the application of quantitative and empirically driven perspectives in gender research. The course addresses how statistical methods can be applied to capture gender and critical perspectives and how quantitative and empirically driven research can be informed by gender theories and gender perspectives. The course further provides knowledge of how statistical results can be analyzed by employing gender/feminist theories and perspectives.

The coruse is given in English on Zoom.

Subject to minor changes. Tentative dates March–April.


Gender in the research process, (7,5 hp)

The course aims to discuss and problematize how gender perspectives can be used analytically in different parts of the research process in an interdisciplinary environment. How can gender and/or feminist perspectives be integrated into the different parts of the doctoral thesis? Significant focus is placed on generic knowledge and that the doctoral student clarifies and critically examines different points of departure within her/his own discipline and problematizes the research approach. What roles do aim, theory and methodology play in the thesis process? How can a research overview bewritten in relation to one’s own contribution?

We discuss how different theoretical and methodological approaches, ethical choices and positioning in the research field affect the knowledge contribution as well as how the thesis’ contribution/research results can be presented.

Subject to minor changes. Tentative dates mid spring–mid autumn.


Autumn Term 2023

Courses starting autumn 2023:

Introduction to Gender Research (7,5 hp)

The course gives PhD students from different disciplines a basic introduction to several ways of conducting gender research. The focus is on gender research rather than gender studies and how central theoretical perspectives influence and structure empirical studies in different fields of study.

Subject to minor changes. Tentative dates October–December.

Responsible for course development

Hanna Söderlund
Associate professor