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Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 27 November 2020)



The Graduate School of Gender Studies regularly arranges postgraduate courses and seminars, some of them in English.

Autumn Term 2020

(Post-)marxist feminist perspectives on politics, movements and emancipation, 7,5 Credits

The course provides an introduction to Marxist theory, post-Marxist perspectives and looks at examples of contemporary feminist research on the relations between economics, politics and subjectivity. The course addresses basic aspects of Marxist theory and post-Marxism, as well as theoretical perspectives on political mobilization, especially with regard to the formation and change of political movements.

The course is given by Hanna Bäckström and will be given in English.

If you want to register for the course, please contact 

An Introduction to Gender Theoretical Concepts through Feminist Writing, 7,5 Credits

(This course can also be taken as a seminar series, 3 Credits.)

This course is mainly aimed at doctoral students who are comparatively new to gender theory. The course provides an introduction to some of the problems, questions and dichotomies that are, and have been, central to much of feminist thinking and writing. With the help of non-academic texts (fiction, essays etc.) the course introduces basic concepts such as feminism, sex/gender, internalised sexism, and intersectionality.

The course is given by Tamara Andersson and Josefine Wällivara and will be given in English. The course runs from November to December 2020.

If you want to register for the course, please contact 

Spring Term 2020

Writing Ethnography, 7,5 Credits

Ethnography is a widespread qualitative research approach, which is widely used in the field of gender studies. The course problematizes the basics of ethnography in relation to the doctoral student's ontological and epistemological knowledge goals, with emphasis on ethnographic writing and ethnographic descriptions. Focus is placed on clarifying and critically examining different points of departure in the ethnographic field, and how ethnographic descriptions are used to communicate knowledge about eg. gender, body, sexuality, ethnicity, class and age. The course starts on March 10th. For questions or registration for the course, contact Ida Linander.

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Responsible for course development

Ida Linander
Postdoctoral fellow, research fellow