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Ships and boats

At Umeå Marine Sciences Centre (UMF), ships and boats are available for research, education and environmental monitoring. Universities, colleges and authorities are able to use them at subsidised prices. UMF conducts regular sampling activities all year long, and there is often the possibility of coordinating sampling.

KBV 181

KBV 181 used for open sea-sampling, mainly in the Gulf of Bothnia.

R/V Botnica

R/V Botnica is used for coastal sampling throughout the Gulf of Bothnia.

The hovercraft Arctica

Arctica is used during winter for coastal sampling.


Gråsuggan is used for coastal sampling.


The trawler Trolle is used for regular sampling and for trawling.

Smaller boats

UMF also provides a number of smaller boats for coastal sampling.


Questions regarding KBV 181