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KVB 181

The research vessel KBV 181 is available for open-sea sampling. It is mainly used by Umeå Marine Sciences Centre (UMF) for research and environmental monitoring in the Gulf of Bothnia. It is owned and run by the Swedish Coast Guard, and brought into line with our needs.

On board, there are well-equipped laboratories for chemical and biological analysis, sampling equipment, cabins, galley, shower and sauna. Apart from the crew of seven persons, there is room for eight persons to join the expeditions. The vessel is 56 metres in length and has a depth draught of 5.3 metres. It is assigned with ice class 1A, which means that it meets the requirements for navigation in ice.

Equipment on board

• 9 5L Niskin bottles with messengers for water sampling on steel wire
• CTD, Sea bird SBE 19plus. Measures conductivity, temperature, pressure and PAR-radiation
• Plankton net, WP-2 90 um mesh
• Gemini sediment corer
• Grapnel
• Meter wheel, electronic display
• Wire winch, 300 meter, diameter: 5 mm
• Hydraulic crane
• QuAAtro AutoAnalyzer
• Incubator for analysing phytoplankton production
• Ventilated fume hood and other standard laboratory equipment

Safety on board

The Coast Guard is responsible for the security on board. Prior to each expedition the crew will hold an exposition of security regulations and routines for expedition members who haven't earlier worked on board the vessel. Safety practices for the UMF staff working on board are performed on regular basis. Guest researchers are also welcome to attend these practices.

Contact KBV 181

Phone number to the KBV 181 laboratory staff: +46 10 404 81 57


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