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Apply for offshore expeditions

It is time to apply for offshore expeditions in the Gulf of Bothnia 2021. After a period of renovation, the research vessel KBV 181 will be available again for research and environmental monitoring from 1  June, 2021. 

On board there is equipment for biological and chemical sampling and analyses. There are three alternatives for booking time on board:

  1. Subsidized time on board. The purchaser pays 20 percent of the actual cost. Sampling and laboratory equipment is included in the cost, as well as technical support by UMF staff. There are five subsidized days available during 2021 to a cost of 18 000 SEK per 24 hours.  

  2. The purchaser pays the actual cost.  For 2021 this is 90 000 SEK per 24 hours. Sampling and laboratory equipment is included in the cost, as well as technical support by UMF staff. A limited number of days are available. 

  3. It is also possible to apply for joining the regular environmental monitoring expeditions in the Gulf of Bothnia. Extra sampling can be performed to a limited extent and background data from the environmental monitoring program is available. However, in these cases the route is decided by the environmental monitoring programme. The cost is 1000 SEK per person and day. Apply at least two months in advance.  
    Send your application to Anna Palmbo Bergman, contact information below.  

Regular environmental monitoring expeditions 2021

  • April week no 17 (26-29/4)
  • May week no 21 (24-27/5)
  • June week no 23 (7-10/6)
  • July week no 27 (5-8/7)
  • August week no 31 (2-5/8)
  • September week no 37 (13-16/9)
  • October week no 43 (25-28/10)
  • December week no 49 (6-9/12)

Questions regarding KBV 181