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Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 21 January 2021)


Smaller boats

Umeå Marine Sciences Centre (UMF) provides smaller boats for coastal sampling in the areas close to the field station. These boats can be rented without UMF crew on board, presupposed that the boat driver has appropriate eligibility.

Busters boats

Two Buster-boats are available for coastal sampling. They are 5.0 metres in length and have a deep draught of about 0.7 metres. They are equipped with 70 horsepower engines and take 7 passengers. They are also equipped with  depth indicators and compasses.

Linder boats

Umeå Marine Sciences Centre also provides two smaller boats (Linder)  for coastal sampling. They are 4.4 metres in length and have outboard motors of 4 horsepowers. They take 4 passengers.

Safety on the smaller boats

To be allowed to use the smaller boats you will have to attend a security briefing held by the Umeå Marine Sciences Centre staff.

An excursion plan, containing the names of all passengers, the route, and estimated time of return, is delivered to UMF beforehand. Life jackets must be worn on board at all times. Life jackets are provided by UMF.

UMF follows the Swedish Transport Agency safety regulations.


Buster boats
Boating licence and participation in security briefing.

Linder boats
Participation in security briefing.