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Collaborate with UMERC

The research at UMERC can be called applied research, since it aims at directly or indirectly support the development of learning, teaching, text books, tests, steering documents etc.

In the Swedish Higher Education Act the so called third task (besides education and research) is described: That universities should interact with the community and provide information about their activities and seek to ensure that research from the university will be useful.

Different researchers and projects in UMERC have interacted with the community:

  • With teachers from upper primary, lower secondary and upper secondary levels in Umeå.
  • With the municipalities in Gothenburg, Skövde, Umeå, and Örnsköldsvik.
  • With the Swedish National Center for Mathematics Education.
  • With the Swedish School Inspectorate.
  • With the Swedish National Agency for Education.

Members of UMERC also have other types of collaborations, with other researchers, see information about research.

If you have an interest to interact or collaborate with UMERC in any way, see information about contacting UMERC.

Latest update: 2018-12-06