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Participants in UMERC


Anette Bagger, researcher

Researcher and Senior Lecturer with and interest in matemathics and special educatione. Special interests: equity, assessment, sociopolitical issues.

Ewa Bergqvist, researcher

Associate professor (Sw: docent) in mathematics education with research interests regarding language and mathematics.

Researcher and teacher in science education. My aim is that science education is accessible and meaningful to all students and plays a role in the creation of a sustainable society.

Karoline Holmgren, research student

I study what causes mathematic difficulties in upper secondary school. Understanding which aspects that cause these difficulties, schools will be helped in their efforts of supporting the students in the most effective way in order to give students possibility to obtain a full degree, which is a prerequisite for establishing at the labor market.

Lotta Vingsle, researcher

I am a teacher and researcher in mathematics education. My research interest is in formative assessment and language and mathematics.

Magnus Österholm, researcher

Associate Professor (Docent) of Mathematics Education. Primary research field: The role of language and communication in the learning and teaching of mathematics.

Manya Sundström, researcher

Docent in mathematics education.  Works with mathematical aesthetics and proof.  Just now works with Curiosum, the new science center in Umeå.

Mathias Norqvist, researcher

At the moment I am working as a researcher, with research connected to the project 'Learning by Imitative and Creative Reasoning'.

Mikaela Nyroos, researcher

I'm an associate professor in education with a broad educational and professional background: education policy, behavioural science, child and adolescent psychiatry, sports and health, maths

Peter Vinnervik, research student

My thesis project explores programming in the Swedish curriculum for compulsory school and in the technology subject in particular.

I am part of the UmSER research group, and also affiliated with UFM.

Sara Engvall, research student
Tomas Bergqvist, researcher

Associate Professor in pedagogical work. Research area: Mathematics education, focusing on mathematical reasoning and the relationship between language and mathematics.