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Participants in UMERC


Anette Bagger, researcher

Researcher and Senior Lecturer with and interest in matemathics and special educatione. Special interests: equity, assessment, sociopolitical issues.

Ewa Bergqvist, researcher

Associate professor (Sw: docent) in mathematics education with research interests regarding language and mathematics.

Researcher and teacher in science education. My aim is that science education is accessible and meaningful to all students and plays a role in the creation of a sustainable society.

Johan Sidenvall, research student

PhD-student in mathematics education with a focus on applied research concerning teaching and learning through problem solving.

Magnus Österholm, researcher

Associate Professor (Docent) of Mathematics Education. Primary research field: The role of language and communication in the learning and teaching of mathematics.

Mathias Norqvist, researcher

At the moment I am working as a researcher, with research connected to the project 'Learning by Imitative and Creative Reasoning'.

Mikaela Nyroos, researcher

I'm an associate professor in education with a broad educational and professional background: education policy, behavioural science, child and adolescent psychiatry, sports and health, maths

Tomas Bergqvist, researcher

Associate Professor in pedagogical work. Research area: Mathematics education, focusing on mathematical reasoning and the relationship between language and mathematics.