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Development and career

Umeå University is keen to provide its employees with good opportunities for personal development. On this page, you will find more information about our development plans and career paths.

Personal development for scientific personnel

Find out more about personal development in research and education under the drop-down menus below.

  • Research development

    At Umeå University, we want to give all our researchers the best working conditions to challenge and test theories.

    Long-term opportunities
    The University has invested in a long-term approach to give all researchers a chance to succeed. There are explicit career paths and allocation of research funding, which encourages the possibility to challenge boundaries and seek the unknown. In recent years, we have also offered a research leadership programme to support researchers' competence and career development. Read more about the ReaL programme under Career paths for established researchers.

    All doctoral student supervisors take part in a training course before the assignment starts. There is also a network for research supervisors at Umeå University, which provides opportunities for exchanging experiences.

  • Teaching development

    One of our strengths is that education is closely linked to research and we invest heavily in developing our teachers' educational skills. In fact, we have an entire department, the Centre for Educational Development, with the task of developing both our teachers and our tools.

    The University has also invested in a model for Qualified and Excellent teachers to support our teachers to become the best instructors they can. Skilled teachers can be rewarded to inspire and contribute to educational discussions throughout the organisation. For those in charge of education, there are courses in educational leadership and educational networks with conferences and workshops.


Career paths

Are you interested in an academic career at Umeå University? Here is a list of some of the scientific positions we offer and their Swedish equivalents:

Scientific positions at Umeå University

Doctoral student Doktorand
Postdoctoral fellow Postdoktor
Assistant professor Biträdande universitetslektor
Associate professor Universitetslektor
Visiting associate professor Gästlektor
Professor Professor
Adjunct professor Adjungerad professor
Visiting professor  Gästprofessor
Research fellow  Forskare
Adjunct lecturer Adjungerad universitetsadjunkt
Adjungerad universitetslektor Adjunct associate professor

Learn more about your career development

Read more about career development for the various positions in the drop-down menus below.

  • First stage researchers - doctoral students

    Doctoral studies include a period of both scientific and personal development. We consider a key factor for success among doctoral students to be good stability and security. Therefore, our doctoral students are provided an employment with clearly defined pay levels reviewed annually. That means that doctoral students have the same benefits as other employees.

    A doctoral student will develop in four years to a more independent researcher. Under guidance, you perform a research project and complete it with a doctoral dissertation. During that time, you will write and give scientific presentations at conferences and seminars to researchers as well as fulfil teaching responsibilities. The University offers a programme consisting of various courses and other activities providing a good addition to your scientific knowledge.

    Take a look at open positions to let the journey begin.

  • Recognised researchers - postdocs

    A natural part of an academic career is to complete one or two postdoctoral appointments at different universities – often abroad. The number of postdocs has increased in the last years at Umeå University. We welcome the expertise and networks you can contribute with as a postdoc. Here, you will have access to an excellent research environment to increase your research experience.

    The postdoctoral period might also lead to a future career at Umeå University.

    Take a look at open positions to let the journey begin.

  • Established researchers

    As an established researcher, you have the possibility to attend a competence and career programme for research leaders at Umeå University. We call it ReaL. The programme is divided into three steps and is a part of the University's ambition to support researchers' skills and career development, adapted to the career paths available in the employment scheme. As an established researcher, you can attend Step 1 or Step 2 in the ReaL programme depending on the level you have reached as a research leader.

    Read more about what the leadership programme has to offer.

  • Leading researcher

    If you are a leading researcher in your research area or field, we offer Step 3 in the competence and career programme for research leaders, ReaL. Step 3 is aimed at individuals that have shown a potential to produce research results with a high impact. You should have a clear ambition to be an authority within the research field and an internationally well-respected researcher. You are a visionary leader and have a clear plan for your research combined with a strategic leadership. You should have external funding and could be a leader of a research centre or a research environment. You should have a well-established research group or network, and a very good network of national and international contacts.

    Read more about what the leadership programme has to offer.

  • Technical and administrative staff

    In order to create the best conditions for research and education at Umeå University, we need skilled leaders and employees in the University's support organisation. We want to develop an efficient and competent administration, well-functioning services, and excellent technology and infrastructure.

    Umeå University is one of Umeå's largest employers in areas such as HR, IT, communications and economics, and is constantly looking for new employees with different skills. With a job position and a career at Umeå University, you can expect to work in an international, multicultural and academic environment.

    We provide introductory training for all new employees, followed by more specified training for certain positions. We regularly provide courses and seminars and you can participate in a number of internal networks, such as the HR Network or the Communications Network. We also encourage competence development through external cooperation and exchanges with other universities, both nationally and internationally.

    If you are interested in a leadership position, we also offer leadership programmes for both new and more experienced leaders.