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A PhD student in Mathematics Education

Lärarhögskolan vid Umeå universitet




  • Typ av anställning Temporary position longer than 6 months
  • Omfattning 100 %
  • Ort Umeå

Department of Science and Mathematics Education seeks a PhD student in Mathematics Education


In collaboration with the Postgraduate School in the Educational Sciences at Umeå University, we are looking for a PhD student in educational work or subject matter education in mathematics. The position is located at NMD, see which carries out training in primarily teacher education, as well as research and development in educational sciences. The subject competence of the department's employees is mainly within mathematics education, science education, technology education, assessment for learning and outdoor education. Collaboration with the Postgraduate School means, among other things, that the PhD student participates in joint internships, courses and other activities. Application deadline is 2018-04-03.

Mathematics education is about the teaching and learning of mathematics and encompasses many different research issues. The doctoral student will be part of UMERC, see which is one of the Nordic countries' largest mathematics education research environments. Read more about research groups, here .  Applicants are welcome to write their research plan in any of the areas or a combination of these.


To be admitted to education at the postgraduate level, the applicant must have basic qualifications through a degree at advanced level, or completed course requirements of at least 240 higher education credits, of which at least 60 credits are at advanced level, or equivalent foreign education or other equivalent qualifications.

PhD students can be admitted to postgraduate studies in mathematics education via two different syllabuses: educational work or subject matter education, both with a focus on mathematics. In addition to the basic qualifications, special qualifications are required that are different for the two postgraduate syllabuses.

In order to meet the requirement of special qualifications to be accepted in the postgraduate program of educational work with a focus on mathematics requires, besides the basic qualifications, the applicant needs to have a teacher's degree or pre-school teacher's degree and at least two years of professional experience. The degree must include a degree project.

For subject matter education, teacher training and teaching experience are advantageous.

For both of these postgraduate syllabuses, students who have acquired equivalent knowledge, such as subject-relevant occupational activities, may also be admitted to postgraduate studies after assessment. For more information, see:

General Syllabus for Educational Work,

General Syllabus for Subject Matter Education,

In order to be accepted, the applicant also needs to have such other skills as necessary to take advantage of the given education as well as good proficiency in English, both verbally and in writing.

Conditions of employment

A PhD student will mainly devote them self to their own education at the postgraduate level. Employment as a PhD student is given for the time necessary for the completion of research studies in normal study time, which corresponds to a full-time postgraduate education for four years. At the first stage, the employment lasts for one year, and it is then renewed for a maximum of two years at a time, provided that the individual study plan is followed. A PhD student can to a limited extent work with teaching and administrative work equivalent to no more than twenty percent of full working hours. As a consequence, the term of employment can be extended to a maximum of five years. All PhD students enrolled are required to participate in The Postgraduate School in the Educational Sciences, which is coordinated with regular postgraduate education at the department. The workplace is Umeå University. Postgraduate education is a campus-based education and cannot be organized as distance education. The PhD student is also expected to participate actively in the department’s research environment. The salary follows Umeå University's doctorate ladder. According to the Higher Education Ordinance (Chapter 12, Section 2), the decision on employment cannot be appealed.


The application must be made via the university's e-recruitment system by 2018-04-03. The following documents must be uploaded:

1. Research plan outline (max 2 pages)

2. Personal letter (max 1 page)

3. Curriculum vitae

4. Certificate of degrees

5. Essays / other publications (attached as full text in pdf)

6. Other qualifications relevant to the employment

7. Contact information to two reference persons

Observe that incomplete applications will not be processed. If you are applying for several positions with different reference numbers, you must submit a complete application for each position.

Additional information

Information about the Department of Science and Mathematics Education is given by the head of department Helena Näs, phone +46 90 786 9558, or study director for postgraduate education Madelen Bodin, phone +46 90 786 9618,

Information about the postgraduate studies in mathematics education is provided by Johan Lithner, tel. +46 90 786 6908,

Type of employment: Fixed-term employment beyond 6 months

Application: Full-time

Low-form: monthly salary

Position starts: 2018-09-03 or according to agreement


2018-09-03 or according to agreement


Helena Näs, prefekt

090-786 95 58

Madelen Bodin, studierektor för forskarutbildning

090-786 96 18

Registration number

AN 2.2.1-324-18


Monthly salary

Union representative


090-786 53 65


090-786 52 96


090-786 54 31