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Assistant Professor in Cell and Molecular Biology - focus on animal models

Institutionen för molekylärbiologi




  • Typ av anställning Temporary position longer than 6 months
  • Omfattning 100 %
  • Ort Umeå

The Department of Molecular Biology constitutes a dynamic and internationally successful research environment that belongs to both the Faculty of Science and Technology and the Faculty of Medicine. We educate students at all levels within our main field of molecular biology and are about 175 people working in an internationalized environment (

The research at the Department of Molecular Biology comprises a wide range of molecular biology-based initiatives within both science and medicine in the areas of cell biology, microbiology, infection biology, tumor biology and neurobiology and inclusive of various genetic model organisms (except plants). We are looking for an Assistant Professor who will conduct research within the area of cell- and molecular biology. The employment is full-time, limited to 4 years and placed at the Department of Molecular Biology. Application deadline is March 5, 2018.

The main focus for the employment as an Assistant Professor is to further the research accomplishments of the successful candidate. The employee is expected to develop their research in the field of cell- and molecular biology with specialization focused towards animal models combined with molecular physiology or genetics. A possibility to engage in educational qualification courses is available through Umeå University's curriculum for academic career development.

You should have a PhD degree in cell- and molecular biology or in an equivalent area that is relevant to the employment. Candidates that have received a PhD degree, or an equivalent degree, no more than seven years before the application dead-line should be primarily considered, unless there are special reasons exempting this (e.g. parental leave or illness). In-depth knowledge in the field of cell- and molecular biology with a specialization focused towards animal models combined with molecular physiology or genetics is a requirement for the employment. Primarily the skills that are required for the employment as Assistant Professor will also be used as assessment criteria. In addition, ability to collaborate and skills to develop the activities will be. Very good knowledge of spoken and written English is a requirement.

Assessment criteria
In selecting candidates for the position, the degree of scientific skills in cell- and molecular biology will be decisive. In addition, weighting of assessment criteria will be applied: firstly, the scientific skills (to 90%), then the candidate's educational skills, administrative skills and ability to lead and develop activities (to 10%) are taken into account.

In the assessment of scientific skills, particular weight will be given to independent research efforts in cell- and molecular biology with a specialization focused on animal models combined with molecular physiology or genetics, and the quality and originality of these research efforts as well as the ability to plan and independently develop research. Experience from different academic research environments is a merit, as well as ability to attract external funding in competition. Scientific skills will be assessed in relation to the candidate's career phase. A candidate with structural biology or virology as the main focus will be given lower priority as research infrastructure for such lines of research is at other departments.


The application should preferably be written in English, and shall contain:

  • A personal letter describing yourself, your main research area, your previous research achievements and future plans
  • Copies of relevant grades and diplomas
  • A CV containing academic and professional qualifications, including experience in research and teaching
  • A complete list of publications where a maximum of 10 publications of special significance can be highlighted
  • PDF copies of these highlighted publications, numbered according to the publication list
  • A research plan describing the research to be pursued within the employment (max 5 pages)
  • Name and contact information for three reference persons

The application is made via the e-recruitment system Varbi by 2018-03-05.

For further information, please contact Professor Anna Berghard (

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