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Assistant Professor in Nursing, Radiography, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Occupational Therapy or Sports Medicine with opportunity for combined clinical appointment

Medicinska fakulteten




  • Type of employment Temporary position longer than 6 months
  • Extent 100 %
  • Place Umeå

Umeå University is one of Sweden’s largest institutions of higher education with over 35,000 students and 4,200 faculty and staff. We are characterised by world-leading research in several scientific fields and a multitude of educations ranked highly in international comparison. Umeå University is also the site of the pioneering discovery of the CRISPR-Cas9 genetic scissors - a revolution in genetic engineering that has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

At Umeå University, everything is nearby. Our cohesive campus environment makes it easy to meet, collaborate and exchange knowledge, which promotes a dynamic and open culture where we rejoice in each other's successes.

Are you interested in knowing more about Umeå University as a workplace read more at: Work with us.

The Faculty of Medicine announces an appointment as assistant professor in one of the above subject areas, with an opportunity for a combined clinical appointment. The position will be filled by the applicant who is judged in competition to have the best scientific and pedagogical qualifications and who is judged to have the potential to develop successful research, regardless of subject or clinical profession. The appointment includes a starter package of research funding (amounting to SEK 800,000 per year for four years).

We look forward to receiving your application no later than 30 September!


The appointment is aimed at researchers in the early stages of their career in order to give an assistant professor the opportunity to develop independence as a researcher and qualify in both research and educational terms for employment as an associate professor. The appointment as assistant professor is mainly - at least 80 per cent - aimed at the acquisition of research qualifications, with the remaining time mainly aimed at the acquisition of educational qualifications. The subject area for this appointment is either Nursing, Radiography, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Occupational Therapy or Sports Medicine.

There will be an opportunity for exchanges with other higher education institutions during the employment and this is especially recommended if the appointee has no experience acquiring post-doctoral qualifications at a higher educational institution other than the institution awarding their doctorate.

Some teaching may be carried out remotely, using internet-based methods. Teaching is carried out in Swedish and English. Administrative tasks may be included.

The place of employment is Umeå, but there may be work at other locations.

The position of assistant professor may, by agreement – and pending the approval of the head of medical care – be combined with a clinical appointment with Region Västerbotten in the applicant’s basic profession (for health and medical care professions), which involves clinical duties of up to 13 hours per week. In a combined clinical appointment, at least 80 per cent of time in addition to clinical duties shall be aimed at the acquisition of research qualifications, and remaining time shall be aimed at the acquisition of educational qualifications to the extent that the competence requirements for employment as assistant professor with combined clinical appointment can be achieved.

Qualification requirements

To be qualified for appointment as an assistant professor, a person must have obtained a doctorate or have corresponding academic competence.

To be qualified for employment, the applicant must have the documented ability to lecture/teach in English. Those lacking the ability to teach in Swedish are expected to acquire this ability during the course of employment.

With a combined clinical appointment, qualifications in the relevant health and medical care profession are also required.

Assessment criteria

Since the position is aimed at researchers in the early stages of their career, suitable applicants should, in accordance with Chapter 4 Section 4a of the Higher Education Ordinance, primarily be those who have obtained a doctorate or achieved equivalent competence no more than five years before the application period for the position of assistant professor has expired. Those who have qualified as a doctor or acquired corresponding competence earlier may nevertheless be considered if there are special reasons. Special reasons refers here to sick leave, parental leave or other similar circumstances, Chapter 4 Section 4a of the Higher Education Ordinance.

Further assessment criteria for appointment as assistant professor are research expertise, teaching expertise and administrative expertise. 

General assessment criteria for teachers at Umeå University are that the applicant has both a good ability to collaborate and the requisite competence and suitability in general to perform the duties of the position to a high standard.

The weighting of assessment criteria

On appointment, the weighting of qualifications shall be as follows: Research expertise is weighted highest (3), followed by teaching expertise (2) and administrative expertise (1).

Description of the assessment criteria

In assessing research expertise for this position, specific consideration shall be given to originality and autonomy of research and the potential for the application to develop his/her own successful line of research within the subject area. Postdoctoral research conducted outside the university at which the applicant completed his/her PhD provides a particularly valued qualification. In assessing teaching expertise, consideration will be given to the planning, performance and evaluation of teaching, as well as of academic supervision and examinations. Administrative expertise may be demonstrated through experience of planning first-cycle education, expertise in developing and leading others and expertise in administration, etc. 

More about the appointment

Umeå University is the first higher education institution in Sweden to offer career-development positions in the form of assistant professorships in combination with clinical positions, the opportunity for which is given in this appointment based on the applicant’s wishes and pending approval by the head of medical care. The appointment includes a starter package of SEK 800,000 per year for four years. A teaching and a research development plan shall be drawn up in conjunction with the appointment and one teaching and two research mentors shall be appointed to support the successful candidate in implementing this plan. Promotion criteria for the position will be determined after appointment.

Organisationally, the position will be with a department in the Faculty of Medicine. Departmental affiliation will be decided in consultation with the successful candidate based on where your research best fits. Please feel free to suggest your preferred department in your application.

The position is a fixed term, full-time appointment in accordance with Chapter 4 Section 12a of the Higher Education Ordinance, with the right to be considered for promotion to associate professor (in connection with clinical employment where appropriate). An application to be considered for promotion must be submitted six months before the end of the fixed-term appointment. If, after due consideration, it is decided not to promote an assistant professor, the fixed-term appointment shall be terminated.

Last application date is 30/09/22. Instructions for the application and a list of the documents to be attached to the application can be found here.

You apply via our e-recruitment system which you can reach via the application button below. When the application is received, you will receive a confirmation email.

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Umeå University wants to offer an equal environment where open dialogue between people with different backgrounds and perspectives lay the foundation for learning, creativity and development. We welcome people with different backgrounds and experiences to apply for the current employment. We kindly decline offers of recruitment and advertising help.