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PhD student in Computing Science with a focus on energy-aware Cloud Computing

Department of Computing Science




  • Type of employment Special fixed-term employment
  • Extent 100 %
  • Place Umeå

Umeå University is one of Sweden’s largest higher education institutions with over 37,000 students and about 4,700 employees. The University offers a diversity of high-quality education and world-leading research in several fields. Notably, the groundbreaking discovery of the CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing tool, which was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, was made here. At Umeå University, everything is close. Our cohesive campuses make it easy to meet, work together and exchange knowledge, which promotes a dynamic and open culture.

The ongoing societal transformation and large green investments in northern Sweden create enormous opportunities and complex challenges. For Umeå University, conducting research about – and in the middle of – a society in transition is key. We also take pride in delivering education to enable regions to expand quickly and sustainably. In fact, the future is made here.

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In our department, characterized by world-leading research in several scientific fields and a multitude of educations ranked highly in international comparison, we are looking for a Doctoral student in Computing Science, with a focus on energy-aware Cloud Computing.

The Department of Computing science has been growing rapidly in recent years where focus on an inclusive and bottom-up driven environment are key elements in our sustainable growth. The 50 Doctoral students within the department consists of a diverse group from different nationalities, background and fields. If you work as a Doctoral student with us you receive the benefits of support in career development, networking, administrative and technical support functions along with good employment conditions. See more information at:

Is this interesting for you? We welcome your application no later than 29 September 2023.

Project description

We are seeking a PhD student to join the Autonomous Distributed Systems (ADS) Lab at Umeå University (Sweden) to work on research into energy-aware Cloud computing.

Cloud computing infrastructures are increasingly distributed, consisting of powerful centralized data centres connected with multiple geographically dispersed Edge nodes. They host Cloud applications, which are typically composed of multiple containerized services that can themselves be distributed and auto-scaled across the Cloud-Edge infrastructure fabric.

Working with an existing team of researchers, this project seeks to develop new approaches to modelling and managing resources in a Cloud-Edge system to improve energy-efficiency and/or use of renewable energy. This will be achieved by developing efficient methods to monitor large-scale distributed systems and intelligently place and/or migrate workloads based on a balance between workload requirements, provider requirements, and energy considerations.

The PhD position is funded by the Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program (WASP). Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program (WASP) is Sweden’s largest individual research program ever, a major national initiative for strategically motivated basic research, education and faculty recruitment. The program addresses research on artificial intelligence and autonomous systems acting in collaboration with humans, adapting to their environment through sensors, information and knowledge, and forming intelligent systems-of-systems. The vision of WASP is excellent research and competence in artificial intelligence, autonomous systems and software for the benefit of Swedish industry.
Read more: https://wasp-sweden.org/

The graduate school within WASP is dedicated to provide the skills needed to analyze, develop, and contribute to the interdisciplinary area of artificial intelligence, autonomous systems and software. Through an ambitious program with research visits, partner universities, and visiting lecturers, the graduate school actively supports forming a strong multi-disciplinary and international professional network between PhD-students, researchers and industry. 
Read more: https://wasp-sweden.org/graduate-school/

The position will also benefit from working alongside researchers working on the EU SovereignEdge project – a large new research project that is building a next-generation European Edge-Cloud framework (https://sovereignedge.eu).

The PhD position will work primarily with Paul Townend, Associate Professor within the ADS Lab. The ADS Lab is an internationally-leading research group that focuses on the autonomous management of the resources and applications that form modern digitized society. The lab currently comprises 20 experienced and world-leading research colleagues from more than 10 different countries. For more information, see: https://www.umu.se/en/research/groups/autonomous-distributed-systems-lab/

Admission requirements

The general admission requirements for doctoral studies are a second- cycle level degree, or completed course requirements of at least 240 ECTS credits, of which at least 60 ECTS credits are at second-cycle level, or have an equivalent education from abroad, or equivalent qualifications. To fulfil the specific entry requirements for doctoral studies in computing science, the applicant is required to have completed at least 90 ECTS credits in computing science. Applicants who otherwise have acquired skills that are deemed equivalent are also eligible.

Candidates are expected to have very good knowledge in project related areas, including cloud computing, networks, and programming ability (e.g. Python, C, Java, etc.). Experience in planning, machine learning, statistical analysis, distributed computing resource management, or systems modelling and simulation are merits, as is relevant Cloud industry and containerized (docker / kubernetes etc) software development experience. However, it is important to note that machine learning/AI are not the focus of this project. A very good command of the English language, both written and spoken, is a key requirement.

Important personal qualities are the ability to work on your own as well as together with others, to be creative, and to have a will to actively develop yourself to become a competent researcher.

About the position

The position provides you with the opportunity to pursue PhD studies in Computing Science for four years, with the goal of achieving the degree of Doctor in Computing Science. While the position is mainly devoted to PhD studies (at least 80% of the time), it may include up to 20% department service (usually teaching). If so, the total time for the position is extended accordingly, resulting in a maximum of five years.

The procedure for recruitment for the position is in accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance (chapter 12, 2§) and the decision regarding the position cannot be appealed.

The expected starting date is no later than 1 January 2024 or as otherwise agreed.


Applications must be submitted electronically using the e-recruitment system of Umeå University.

A complete application should contain the following documents:

  • A cover letter including a description of your research interests, your reasons to apply for the position, and your contact information.
  • A one page “research proposal” document stating your ideas for research directions in the area.
  • A curriculum vitae
  • Reprints / copies of completed BSc and/or MSc theses and other relevant publications, if any
  • Copies of degree certificates, including documentation of completed academic courses and obtained grades
  • Documentation and description of other relevant experiences or competences.

The application must be written in English or Swedish. Attached documents must be in pdf format. Applications must be submitted electronically using the e-recruitment system of Umeå University, and be received no later than 29 September 2023.

The Department of Computing Science values gender diversity, and therefore particularly encourages women and those outside the gender binary to apply for the position.

For additional information, please contact Dr Paul Townend (paul.townend@umu.se).

We look forward to receiving your application!

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January 2024


Monthly pay

Application deadline


Registration number

AN 2.2.1-1339-23

Umeå University wants to offer an equal environment where open dialogue between people with different backgrounds and perspectives lay the foundation for learning, creativity and development. We welcome people with different backgrounds and experiences to apply for the current employment. We kindly decline offers of recruitment and advertising help.