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PhD student position in Medical Sciences with a research profile in radiation physics





  • Typ av anställning Temporary position longer than 6 months
  • Omfattning 100%
  • Ort Umeå

Umeå University is hiring a PhD student in radiation physics with a research profile in quantitative magnetic resonance imaging. The position is at the Department of Radiation Sciences and covers four years of full-time studies. Applications should be submitted no later than 2018-02-26.

Project description

At diagnosis and follow-up of cancer, quantitative magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) provides means to compare pixels values between patients, time-points and studies, as well as an interpretation of the image content, of for example blood volume and cell density.

A common issue with quantitative MRI is that the images often have large uncertainties and that these are unknown. The large uncertainties reduce the clinical value of the images and the unknown size of the uncertainties implies that it is difficult to know if a measured change after treatment is reflects a real treatment effect or is due to chance.  

The purpose of this research projects is to develop and validate new methods that can reduce and estimate uncertainty in quantitative MRI. The main tools used in the project will be based statistical methods such as Markov-Chain Monte Carlo, which can be used to both reduce and estimate the uncertainty in images.

At the end of the project we expect to have new and validated methods that can both reduce and estimate uncertainty in quantitative MRI. In a broader context this will imply the possibility to draw firmer and more statistically sound conclusions from MRI data, which will be beneficial for cancer research as well as cancer care in the future.


Applicants must hold a University degree of at least 240 credits (ECTS), including 60 credits at the advanced level, or equivalent levels of education otherwise acquired in Sweden or abroad.

The applicants should have a background in physics, mathematics, mathematical statistics, or related areas. Programming experience, and experience in image analysis are strong merits. Experience of health care and of research projects related to health are also merits.

The applicants must be able to work both independently and as part of a team with diverse expertise, and much focus will be given to the candidate’s potential collaborative skills. A requirement is that the applicants are skilled in both oral and written English.

Specific admission requirements

The applicant must be skilled in both oral and written communication in English, and this is evaluated by a presentation of the research plan in English for the supervisors and the postgraduate studies board of the department.


The application should be written in Swedish or English and contain:

  • A cover letter with a description of the applicant’s research experience, research interests, motivation for the application, and contact information.
  • Curriculum vitae (CV), including degrees and previous work experience.
  • Copies of Bachelor/Master thesis work, and relevant scientific publications or other scientific experiences.
  • Copies of relevant degrees with certifications, course grades/certificates, and documentation of completed academic courses.
  • Contact information to two reference persons.

Your application must be registered in the Umeå University e-recruitment system no later than 2018-02-26. Reference number: AN 2.2.1-172-18.

Additional information

More information regarding these positions can be sought from assistant professor Anders Garpebring (PhD),

Start date

By agreement.

Other information


We are looking forward to receive your application!


Anders Garpebring


Registration number

AN 2.2.1-172-18

Union representative


090-786 53 65


090-786 52 96


090-786 54 31