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Postdoctoral position in gender studies in an educational setting

Umeå Centre for Gender Studies




  • Type of employment Temporary position
  • Extent 100%
  • Place Umeå

Umeå University is one of Sweden’s largest higher education institutions with over 37,000 students and about 4,700 employees. The University offers a diversity of high-quality education and world-leading research in several fields. Notably, the groundbreaking discovery of the CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing tool, which was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, was made here. At Umeå University, everything is close. Our cohesive campuses make it easy to meet, work together and exchange knowledge, which promotes a dynamic and open culture.

The ongoing societal transformation and large green investments in northern Sweden create enormous opportunities and complex challenges. For Umeå University, conducting research about – and in the middle of – a society in transition is key. We also take pride in delivering education to enable regions to expand quickly and sustainably. In fact, the future is made here.

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Work tasks

The person employed as a postdoctoral fellow will conduct their own research in the field of gender studies with an educational focus on the theme: How can a safe teaching role be supported in times of hatred and threats and increasingly polarized ideals of knowledge? Safe spaces and polarizing ideals of knowledge have been burning questions in the gender research field for many years. How we handle safe learning environments is a central question for the entire education sector, but is posed based on our experiences of hate and threats directed towards Gender Studies. During 2022–2023, the Umeå Center for Gender Studies conducted a pedagogical development project concerning safe spaces focusing on the students' experience of safety in online teaching. In this project, we want to direct the focus towards the teachers' situation.

The research proposal must be described by the applicant in a research plan attached to the application for the position. As a postdoc, you are also expected to contribute to the unit's common research environment and to be part of and contribute to the educational environment. Teaching and supervision at undergraduate and graduate level and possibly doctoral level, as well as certain other research-related administrative tasks may be included to a maximum of 20% of the working time.

Although this postdoc position is linked to Umeå Center of Gender Studies, it also aims to strengthen educational research throughout Umeå University. As a postdoctoral researcher, you will therefore actively contribute to the interdisciplinary career program for young researchers initiated by the School of Education.

There are also opportunities for mutual collaboration with Umeå University's research environment for the didactics of social studies (UmSOD) and with the Department of Education's research related to general didactics and gender.


For this position, applicants must have a doctoral degree in gender studies, in educational science with a gender focus or in another related subject are that is deemed relevant in relation to the research conducted at Umeå Centre for Gender Studies. Those who have a foreign degree that is deemed equivalent to the above can also be considered qualified. Qualified to be employed as a postdoctoral researcher is anyone who has completed a doctoral degree no later than the time the employment decision is made. You may not have previously been employed as a postdoc for more than one year in the same or related subject area at Umeå University to be eligible for the position.

First consideration should be given to those who graduated no more than three years before the application deadline. If there are special reasons, those who have completed a doctoral degree earlier may be considered. Special reasons refer to leave of absence due to illness, parental leave, clinical service, positions of trust in trade unions or other similar circumstances.

A requirement is that the applicant is able to express themselves well in English in speech and writing, and a good knowledge of Swedish in speech and writing is an advantage.

Assessment criteria

We welcome applicants who conduct or have conducted research that includes an educational perspective on gender studies, a gender perspective on educational science or other research deemed relevant to the theme of the call. The most important basis for assessment is the contribution to the research area as described in the applicant's research plan and previous scientific production. The ability to conduct independent research and the ability to participate in research collaborations are also important merits.

Teaching is included as part of the employment and documented experience of teaching at basic and advanced level and university pedagogical training is therefore beneficial. However, since the main part of the postdoctoral position consists of own research, scientific competence is more important than pedagogical and educational competence when assessing the applicants' qualifications.

Other assessment criteria include a good ability to cooperate, and other suitability that is considered a prerequisite for satisfactory performance of work tasks.

About the position

The position is at the Umeå Center for Gender Studies at Umeå University and the place of employment is Umeå. Regular attendance at the workplace is a requirement and active participation and involvement in the unit's activities is expected. 

The position is a fixed-term, full-time position for two years. The employment includes own research to at least 80% of the working hours. Starting date is 1 June, 2024 or by agreement.

Application form

The application should be written in Swedish or English and contain the following documents:

  • A cover letter summarizing your qualifications, your scientific interests, and your motives for applying (maximum 2 pages)
  • CV/resume
  • Maximum 3 scientific publications
  • Certified copies of grades and diplomas
  • Research plan (max. 2500 words) describing the research you plan to conduct on the theme: How can a safe teaching role be supported in times of hate and threats and increasingly polarized ideals of knowledge? within the framework of the employment
  • Contact details of at least two references
  • Any other qualifications that you wish to refer to

You apply via our recruitment system Varbi. Applications must be received no later than 6 March, 2024

For further information, please contact head of department Åsa Karlsson Sjögren, asa.karlsson.sjogren@umu.se, +46 90 786 62 48.

Welcome with your application!

About Umeå Centre for Gender Studies

UCGS provides education in gender studies at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level. Umeå Centre for Gender Studies is one of the largest arenas for gender education and research in Sweden. It is a vibrant and creative research environment that promotes interdisciplinary meetings and collaborations and where we actively strive to meet current societal challenges through knowledge development and education.  We are a gathering place for research and education in gender research at Umeå University, responsible for creating a cohesive and powerful organization for that research.

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1 june, 2024 or according to agreement


Monthly salary

Application deadline


Registration number

AN 2.2.1-141-24


Åsa Karlsson Sjögren


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Umeå University wants to offer an equal environment where open dialogue between people with different backgrounds and perspectives lay the foundation for learning, creativity and development. We welcome people with different backgrounds and experiences to apply for the current employment. We kindly decline offers of recruitment and advertising help.