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Professor in Sociology

Department of Sociology




  • Type of employment Permanent position
  • Extent 100 %
  • Place Umeå

Umeå University is one of Sweden’s largest higher education institutions with over 37,000 students and about 4,700 employees. The University offers a diversity of high-quality education and world-leading research in several fields. Notably, the groundbreaking discovery of the CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing tool, which was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, was made here. At Umeå University, everything is close. Our cohesive campuses make it easy to meet, work together and exchange knowledge, which promotes a dynamic and open culture.

The ongoing societal transformation and large green investments in northern Sweden create enormous opportunities and complex challenges. For Umeå University, conducting research about – and in the middle of – a society in transition is key. We also take pride in delivering education to enable regions to expand quickly and sustainably. In fact, the future is made here.

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The Department of Sociology announces a position as professor in sociology starting upon agreement. The location of the position is Umeå and in order to carry out the tasks pertaining to the position, the successful applicant is required to work at the department, actively participate in its activities and be involved in its operations.

Work duties
The position includes duties such as initiating, leading, and developing research at the department. This involves conducting your own research, initiating new research projects, and actively working on applications to obtain external financing. The research can be within one of the department`s research areas, or within a field which contributes to developing the department`s operations, and cooperation with society. The appointment may include leadership assignments. The appointment includes internal funds which currently allow for 40 percent research. At least 20 percent of the duties consist of teaching or leadership assignments.

Persons are eligible for the position of professor if they have displayed both scientific and pedagogic proficiency in the field of sociology pursuant to Chapter 4, section 3 of the Higher Education Ordinance (HF) and the Appointments Procedure for Teachers at Umeå University.

Assessment grounds
Assessment grounds when appointing a professor shall include proficiency in relevant aspects and of a level necessary for the position. Additional assessment grounds include proficiency to administer and lead as well as collaborate.

Scientific proficiency refers to independent research efforts, ability to obtain research funding in competition with other researchers, ability to plan and lead scientific operations, documented national and international research collaborations, publication, and ability to communicate research to the surrounding society. Proficiency is also displayed through leadership in research projects and successful supervision of doctoral students.

Pedagogical proficiency concerns the teacher’s work with students, their own pedagogical development, and their contributions to the pedagogical development of the department’s activities. This includes participation in third-cycle education activities, such as supervision of doctoral students and participating in the design and implementation of courses and seminars.

Proficiency to administer and lead means an ability to develop and lead activities and employees, ability to cooperate with society, and disseminating information about research and development work. Collaborative ability includes formulating, planning, leading and participating in projects which include several persons, and participating in activities common to the research field or the department.

As the applicant should be able to carry out administrative and pedagogical work duties which require an understanding and use of the Swedish language, it is desirable to be able to communicate in Swedish and English, both written and spoken.

A general assessment criterion for all teacher categories is both a good collaborative ability, and the expertise and suitability required in general to complete the work tasks well.

Weighting of assessment grounds
When weighing assessment grounds, scientific proficiency will be given first priority. Thereafter pedagogical proficiency will be prioritized. Lastly, the degree of proficiency to administer and lead as well as to collaborate will be considered.

Instructions for the application and a list of the documents to be attached to the application can be found here

Qualification requirements and assessment criteria can be found in the appointments procedure for teachers at Umea University, here

The recruitment process may include interviews, trial lectures, and checking of references.

Applications are made via e-recruitment system Varbi.

We look forward to receiving your application!

About us
The department of sociology conducts education in sociology and library and information science, on basic and advanced level as well as on the third-cycle. The department also takes part in a number of educational activities with other departments at the university.

The department employs around 65 individuals including 13 doctoral students. Research is conducted in areas such as Work, family and gender equality, Digital sociology, Criminology, Sustainability, labour and globalisation, Subjective well-being, Scientific research, Welfare, politics and social stratification, Immigration attitudes, nationalism, and racism, Environmental attitudes and behavior, and Ageing. Research at the department is largely funded externally and conducted both in larger research teams as well as by individual researchers.
More information about the departments operations is avaliable at our website: The Department of Sociology

During the recruitment process, a person of the underrepresented gender with the same or equivalent qualifications may be suggested for appointment before a person of the opposite sex.

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Umeå University wants to offer an equal environment where open dialogue between people with different backgrounds and perspectives lay the foundation for learning, creativity and development. We welcome people with different backgrounds and experiences to apply for the current employment. We kindly decline offers of recruitment and advertising help.